Divorcing each other

I think the Marriage License should be renewable every 5 years, if it’s not renewed the couple are automatically divorced, custody and maintenance of children, division of property etc. could be handled separately or agreed between the couple


Here’s me thinking it was so the male of the species could look after the female and procreate .

I’m a romantic and married at 19 , I was in love . Divorced him after 20 years for cruelty and unreasonable behaviour .

I went on to marry in a registry office at 41 years old several years but not for love .

Several traumas happened to me during the marriage causing severe depression and my husband as I suspected started looking elsewhere eight years later and so I divorced him ,but it was with mutual consent ,he waned out and I couldn’t bear him.
He married again shortly after ,
I have remained single .


Having being married and divorced twice, I’m no expert in what makes a marriage last the test of time.

First time married I was to young and it ended in divorce.

Said I’d never marry again but I did and thought it would last. Thought we were well matched, thought we loved each other. Unfortunate she had an affair and we split/divorced.

Content being single and two divorces enough for me

Some people are lucky in life and live life happily together despite the ups and downs

Others for various reasons, aren’t so lucky

Nobody said life was easy

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Yes, second marriages seem to be largely a case of unreasonable optimism triumphing over experience.


No, just the elastic in her briefs snapped I believe:)

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Helen…you like to label people, remember? Well here’s one for you…


Anyone who has a powerful prejudice against men is a misandrist, a word that combines the Greek roots miso-, or “hatred,” and andros, “men.” The woman-hating equivalent, misogynist, is more widely used.

PS:- no offence intended, I like you really…

I like HelenP, I think we have bumped into each other a while ago.

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Yes Spitty, I like her too. I hope she hasn’t taken umbridge…

Can’t see why, I haven’t openly offended anyone in a while past, have you?

I hope not Spitty, it was unintentional if I did…

No, imagine the red tape and opportunity for fees that would create.

Sleep easy Foxy, you have no bad bones.

IMO of course

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I will never divorce you :icon_wink:

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i dont have another 35 years in me…so getting out eventually soon. This is a touchy subject now reading through the chat.

I know people who are single, never married, and appear always happy on Facebook. I am married and also appeared happy when on Facebook :thinking: Life is different through certain lenses. I’ve come to the conclusion, while the grass appears to be greener on the other side, it isn’t. No matter what side of grass I’m going to end up on, I’ve been tremendously blessed with kids and means to provide. Looking forward to happy days.

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It’s a good idea but I would suggest the best way would be like the MOT.
First 3 years are free then after that annual renewal.
Simple procedure, £100 to renew to cover admin, and if the marriage fails either repair or scrap it.

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It’s spelt umbrage actually.
But I have crossed the Humber Bridge :joy:

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I have never crossed the Humber Bridge, at least that’s one inanimate object that won’t be seeking revenge :icon_wink:

Harry Potter…



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What about Oxbridge?