Divorcing each other

I notice here of this forum several have got a divorce and I don’t really understand why. When I got married 51 years ago my wedding vows were made to keep and still do. So for those who didn’t keep their wedding vows, if they made any, must have had a serious reason for not keeping them. All I can think of is one or the other cheated or some sort of violence took place between each other and which was to blame.
So I wonder if any on here would be brave enough to say why the marriage didn’t work out as expected


In my case my ex-wife divorced me. She became mentally deranged and eventually she was admitted to mental home.

There are many reasons to why a marriage fails .
Falling out of love
To name but a few.


@realspeed Just my slant on life, but perhaps the couple were married for the wrong reasons, or they simply drifted apart.
My 1st fiancée sent my ring back when university split us. She went to Edinburgh while my future was set far closer to home in Hendon before completing at Brunel Uxbridge and the distance between us, instead of making the heart grow fonder, drove a wedge between us.
My 2nd fiancée became my wife of 56+yrs and without a single serious row. No vows were declared, only our deep love and respect for each other. She proposed to me and we have been happily bonded ever since.


Marrying too young.
A partner not working, making money short
Or a partner who drinks and is unpleasant/violent

People change .
They get older and want different things .
We only have one life why would you stay in an unhappy relationship until death ?


I’m sure they have their reasons which isn’t really our business.


Chelsea 62

A lot of questions that get put on here you could say the same thing about.

It seems to me that it’s almost as if being divorced is a bad thing :thinking:

In my case it was. I’m sure many others have too.

I can only speak for myself not for others. I am far from religious but to my mind if you make a promise to be faithful etc in church and in front of invited guests to the person your getting married to that is for life. May seem strange to many but that is how I feel.


RS you got lucky not everyone is .
It’s lovely that you have been happily married so long but it just doesn’t happen for everyone .
Most people do make their vows with sincerity and believe that they will be together for the rest of their lives .
But it just doesn’t always work out that way .

What if your partner decides otherwise and terminates the partnership? That’s what happened to me.

it is all about long time commitment, if one is not prepared to commit then possibly the decision o marry was fhe wrong one

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Of course it was the wrong one but it seemed a good idea at the time !

something must have cause that to happen, I am not a councillor let alone on marriage breakdown.

Absolutely ! :+1:
It wasn’t meant as a criticism
I never married so never divorced but am united via common law and only once to the same man of almost 34 years

bit off tgopic but my Daughter -in law is Brazilian from São Paulo and been there a couple of times, just to make you feel more at home here

Promises work both ways. It is hardly a person’s fault if the choice was unwise.

Count yourself blessed.

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Not always. We were happily married with three children. But circumstance can change. My ex-wife started got weird, divorced me, and shortly after was admitted into a mental ward. All very difficult especially for my children. It was a long time ago.

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