Did we really go to the Moon?

This is a picture of the moon I took on the 13th July this year and it made me think of something I read the other day…

I was watching a recording of a Stanley Kubrick interview. Stanley died in 1999 at the age of 71 from a suspected myocardial infarction but many people believe he was murdered for exposing the Illuminati in his last film. It might be more complicated than that though…
He left instructions that a box should not be opened until 15 years after his death.
It contained the interview where he admitted being commissioned to make the film of the moon landings, and the landings did not happen, and he was sworn to secrecy. Several people who were involved have since died of natural causes.
So I did some digging, and Stanley was indeed an interesting bloke…


Not too sure about the Kubrick theory, but I firmly believe that we did not get to the moon and that it was all fake footage.


I’ll be interested to watch this discussion. I do believe the moon landings were faked . Looking fwd to hearing other views too


Oh No! Not this one again.I blame Harbal :grinning:


I didn’t say I believed it Mr Smith, but I’m so interested in this stuff, and there’s no smoke without fire…

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Yeah, they really did.

I’ve had endless discussions with my son about this and pored over all the “evidence” he has produced from “online sources” to refute it - stuff like tyre tracks, shadows etc
Everything he came up with had a rational explanation - he seemed to forget that the Moon’s gravity and the light would be different from what we experience on Earth.

As for the secret codes in Kubrik’s films predicting when he would die - I didn’t understand the significance of the 2+5=7 ? - are they suggesting Kubrick predicted the date of his own death ?
That sounds more far-fetched than landing on the moon!

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I don’t buy it. The amount of people who would have had to be complicit would have been staggering. And that’s just Apollo 11, what about the other five landings? It also raises the question of Apollo 13, was the failure of that mission staged for some devious reason? There was a film made that dealt with this subject back in the 70’s, think it was Capricorn One if I remember correctly.

Has anybody confirmed the box contained this interview?
Have you seen this interview where Stanley Kubrik confessed to making the film of the moon landings?
Has anybody confirmed they have seen it?

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Don’t say that … he’s gone. :frowning_face:

Oh No!Not again.

Forever. Permanently this time. :frowning_face:

To introduce some serious conspiracy debunking with actual facts.Jet,Mitch and Lemmy were the first on the Moon.It was on the BBC ,so has to be true.

He’ll be a big loss.He was fun.Something this place needs more of IMO


I agree. Had a wit that dry and droll it was bordering on caustic at times but nevertheless he was interesting, not boring.


OK if man didn’t visit the moon who left the laser reflector that is used to accurately measure the distance between Earth and the Moon?

Seriously? Oh gawd, does that mean we are doomed to never ending Boris Johnson threads?

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Two things I have noticed about those who go round spreading so-called conspiracy ‘theories’ is firstly they don’t know what they are talking about and secondly, they absolutely hate it when they are confronted with the truth. In this case, the truth really isn’t hard to find.

  1. There is the photographic proof with over 8,000 images taken from the lunar surface, which have undergone rigorous study. Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has taken images of the Apollo landing site and the tracks made by the astronauts and their roving vehicle.
  2. The 320kg samples of moonrock which have been studied around the world have a unique chemistry which would be difficult to falsify on Earth, namely the significant quantities of Helium 3 (first stable isotope of Helium) within the samples.
  3. The garbage put around about the non-survivable Van Allen belt, which was observed and measured at 0.46 Rad (less than a nuclear worker).
  4. The retroreflector unit left by Apollo 11, which a pulse laser can be used to reflect light from Earth to determine the precise distance from Earth to Moon - to within a few inches. That is constantly in use today and a lot of university’s often repeat this experiment to monitor Lunar progression from the Earth. This would not be possible if no one had been there!

You are better off believing Elvis was abducted by space aliens…which is perfectly true of course. :smiley:

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It does annoy me a bit.So called experts and know -it -alls on the internet dismissing the achievement of three brave men.


Quite … :+1:

It is a funny thing but “Guy Kingsley Poynter as Doc” is a phrase seared into my brain. I vaguely remember some of the other actors like Andrew Faulds and Alfie Bass but I will never forget that Guy Kingsley Poynter was “Doc”

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It’s a wonderful photo of the moon .

Yes I firmly believe the moon landings happened, for no particular reason other than humans are great voyagers/navigators.

I also believe not satisfied with ruining earth we are now saturating the heavens with obsolete space junk