Decided to stay put (rather than move)

One other point some builders and their clients will not tell you where they have worked because of privacy issues …I mean would you want perfect strangers turning up to peer in at your new kitchen?

Do ask ( and get proof) if they have public liabilty insurence which will insure you against any damage they cause and you can now check to see if the builder has any county court judgements against him…


They are totally correct, it is not their job to find a tradesman or firm for you.

Their job is to make sure the job is done to an approved standard for your protection. However they should be willing to advise on what will be allowed and what won’t and if planning permission/consent is necessary.

When I built my extn to the house I owned I had nothing but fantastic help from the local planning officer who even came not on an inspection but to give helpful advise.

Best of luck Mups.

I do think word of mouth recommendations are best. I’ve paid the price otherwise. Tradesmen who don’t turn up when planned can’t be trusted either. It’s difficult, but hope you get good tradesmen who will do the job expertly. It’ll all be worth it :smiley:

Here at least - you can ring the council for a list of approved builders - this has nothing to do with ‘planning permission’

Good luck, Mups, and funnily enough I’ve decided on exactly the same thing! Even down to doing improvements. All rooms except the lounge need an overhaul. Kitchen might be left for now but certainly the bathroom and bedroom, and new flooring is needed in bedroom, bathroom and hallway. Shall copy Iranian neighbour with the tiling on floors of bathroom/hall.

Just need to stop all hospital appointments and get back on track. 75% decided against further surgery, but may crack under pressure on 30 April.

You’re probably right Patsy. Trouble is, I hadn’t decided to stay put until last week. Maybe I should wait to build until next year because I don’t fancy my wall demolished nearer winter.

Thanks everyone for offering advice.

Are you OK to hold on then Mups, if you get your quotes January and book for April onwards …

I’ll have a chat to the architect on Thursday whens she comes. Thanks Patsy.

Ok gal - wish you very well with the plans x

All the best Mups go girl…

Ta lots gal …:smiley:

Second thoughts, maybe you should get your quotes November, to be sure the work can start in April …

Mmm, I’ll see what happens Thursday Patsy. Thanks.

I found out today, there is a builder living only about 12 houses away from me, he was on the architects list of firms who’s work is supposed to be ok. So on my way home today I thought I would pop a note through his door and ask him to ring me, but as it turned out, he was talking to another man outside his house, so I stopped and had a quick word, and he came round this evening to look at the job. I liked him better than the first one, I don’t want him now. The chap today said he will give me an idea of cost next week, and he could start early July if I wanted. I can’t get exact quotes just yet until the plans are finished.
I’ve got another recommended one to ring tomorrow as well.

That’s a turn up for the books Mups - good news for a change - let us know how it goes x

The lady Architect came today to measure up and start drawing the plans. She’s really nice, I liked her a lot.
Hopefully, the last builder will come tomorrow to have a look at the work too. He has been recommended by two other people, so it’ll be nice to meet him.

Waiting for the next instalment …

Mups :slight_smile: your Architect should be able to recommend a builder then you can weigh up all the options before selecting one.

Sort of ,thankyou Patsy. I am happy I finally reached a decision, it was worrying me just going round in circles not knowing what to do for the best, and I’m also more than a little nervous of how it will all work out. :slight_smile:

Another smaller worry is, my oldest dog is 17 on 1st June, and she is getting a poorly old lady lately. I hope the noise and confusion and banging about doesn’t upset her too much.