Decided to stay put (rather than move)

Well, I’ve made my decision at last.
I have been going round in circles trying to decide whether to move, or do some work on my bungalow and stay put.
I have had a look at some other properties, but haven’t found anything I want enough to buy, so have reached the conclusion to stay here.
However, this does mean some very disruptive repairs will need to be done, and I’m dreading that part. I’m worried about having builders in my kitchen all day, worried about them letting my dogs get out, and I’m not looking forward to the inevitable noise and dirt. for weeks on end.
I have an architect coming next week to start drawing the plans - so here goes… just hope I don’t regret it later.

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Oh dear now you have gone and done it nasty builder types all over Mups mansion, they will steal all the gold an jewels and drink all the tea. :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, plenty dust sheets, clingfilm to wrap the workmen in so they dont soil the carpets, big pointy stick to keep them in place,and dont let them out into the garden as the begonias will never survive. :slight_smile:

Mind them architects can be a tad dodgy as well, dont feed him biccys you might never get rid of him. Anderson shelter at the bottom of the vegetable patch to survive the coming assault, tin hat and pitchfork at the ready. Good luck and keep us informed. :slight_smile:

When we first moved into this house we had some structural alterations done and we timed it to be done while we were away on holiday. We didn’t miss all the hassle but we missed the most of it.

You might be lucky. We had our bathroom completely pulled out and tiled and refitted and the young tradesman was great…put cover sheets down, took care with the dog and cleared up all his mess. We’re very happy.

Good luck Mups I can honestly say the most important decision when choosing a builder is get one who likes dogs, we had 2 working on our bathroom and the days the dog loving man was here was peaceful and he helped me get them out when they needed to go (had to move all his gear so they could get passed) the days the man who hated dogs was here were a nightmare of epic proportions.

All the very best Mups :-D. It’ll be worth it and look lovely! An ideal situation would be if you could stay somewhere else whilst the work was getting done, but I realise it’s not that easy. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible x

Contain yourself and pets to the rooms not affected and make sure that the mess and mayhem elsewhere does not reach those rooms. At the same time let them know you have noticed the snags before they forget them! I know it will be difficult but I still think a lot less problemsome than moving where you still might require work to be done!

It’s all very well you taking the mick young Nom, but a woman can get treated very differently to a man who knows what they’re talking about. I’m not looking forward to it, and yes, you can be assured I shall keep you informed, you’ll probably wish you’d got some earplugs soon :slight_smile:

Good luck Mups :slight_smile: I am absolutely paranoid about having people trespassing on my territory to carry out any work so know how you feel.

Maybe pack a picnic when you can and take the dogs out :-).

My dear friend here so regrets leaving her bungalow and moving here, she has gone downhill as you know Mups, so I would say you have made the right choice.
I feel for you though with the work that needs doing. Do you know the reputation of the builder ? If so, that’s a very good start and should make the process easier.

Not easy for a woman on her own to cope with either, try to get organised in your mind and at the end of each day tidy up and look at the progress being made - stay positive gal x

I know what you mean Julie. The chap over the road is a builder and I know he wants to do this extension, but he loathes dogs around him, so it just wouldn’t work. Obviously I will have to try and keep them out of the way, but it is their home after all - not his. The pup adores people but he won’t even touch her when she says hello - miserable old git.

Thanks Patsy, and all the other ladies, its only these men who don’t understand.

Nom, you should try putting a frock on for a while and note the difference in men’s attitudes: :lol:

I have always been lucky and had a man to do the negotiating but I completely understand your problem I doubt there are many women who haven’t had an experience or two that eventually leave them asking their husband to book the car in or talk to the builders etc. I have nothing but admiration for women who manage to negotiate these things on their own.

Do you have someone in mind to do the work ?

Not yet Patsy. I want to get 2 or 3 quotes first.
A builder was supposed to come yesterday to give me his opinion and a rough idea of price, but he never showed up. This is precisely what annoys me - people who say they will do something and don’t.
Until the detailed plans are ready I cannot get an exact quote, but at this stage I just wanted to get an idea of price range, and whether they would be available to start around June time.
The chap I was hopeful about can’t even think about it till late August, but that would mean it would still be dragging on till the autumn. There will still be a new kitchen to fit and all the decorating to do afterwards as well, so no way do I want to still be in a mess for next Christmas. I am hoping to get cracking in June sometime.

Unfortunately, you have left it a little late Mups, builders are at their busiest Spring onwards, so would have been better for you if you had enquired earlier.
As for the builder that didn’t turn up, that’s a big ‘no’ for me, wouldn’t want him for the work.
Have you thought of contacting the local council for their list of builders …

I spoke to Planning Patsy, but the woman told me they ‘do not recommend people,’ which quite surprised me.
I have a brochure to read about going online onto a site for ‘Credited Tradesmen’ I think its called. The Architect has given me a list of local builders who they work with too. Only thing is, the first one on their list is the bloke who never came yesterday!!

A couple of pointers for you

Do you need planning permission? some councils will insist on it. Here even to change an internal door to an archway needs planning permission

Don’t be afraid to seek out the local planning council officer, they are not out to prevent but will give advise. Get them on your side from the outset, it will pay dividends. Maybe you will not need planning consent but at least you will know
Even ask if one could give you a quick visit may help

Asking them for tradesmen is not in their remit as it could rebound on them for bad information

Just think you have all that work done only to find it all has to be reinstated as was not passed by the council

Make sure you have in writing EXACTLY the work you want carried out with a copy for the builder signed on yours

Don’t pay up front, if they want money for materials drop them like a hot potato first. A good builder will have the capital already

Agree “if must” to pay as work progresses in stages and carried out to your instructions and a total costing at the outset

Watch them carefully that they use suitable material. I say this because when we moved into the kennels some double glazed windows were blown so had them replaced and who ever did it originally stuffed J clothes in the brick work as a filler ( True that is) and skimmed over with cement.

Get a definate start date and finish date with a penalty clause in if not finished on time

If you find a builder ask where they had worked before and go see for yourself by asking those who had employed them

I’m surprised too !
Maybe its different where you are :shock: