Decanting milk tips?

I have a problem with milk and only drink a little in my cuppas. I usually go through just under a pint in 3 days and throw any left away (as it only is supposed to last 3 days once opened).

At the mo all the pint milk seems to be snapped up. My daughter bought me a 2 pint one and said put half in an empty one.

I always freeze milk till needed.

Question: Do I have to sterilise the used plastic carton before I decant from the 2pint container or can I just wash it out with warm water perhaps will a little salt added? I don’t have anything to sterilise it with.

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I have no idea Pesta, I’m sure someone will know but I just had a brainwave (really). What about making milk ice cubes?

OMG! LD you’re a genius!

Glass is always the preferred option for storing milk Pesta. Glass bottles can be washed out just using hot water and glass doesn’t retain any of its previous content.

However, plastic is slightly porous and will absorb some of its contents which can not be rinsed out and cross contamination can occur…:frowning:

Oh yes Dingaling, good idea - thanks chuck :smiley:

'Cept I haven’t not an ice cube tray :cry:

Well… you know… ;-):lol:

Zip lock bags store liquids quite well in the freezer. Make sure they’re closed and not full. They can squeeze in small spaces.

You could also make ice cubes out of orange juice, blueberry juice and grape juice…stick them all together and make a ‘Rubics Cube’…:044::044::044:


Hmmmmm, just as I thought Foxy. Thanks. Don’t have any glass bottles, so guess I’ll have to throw it away after 3 days.
Awful to do when people might be scratching around for milk. :blush:

do you have any of those resealable jam jars?

Have a browse round the supermarket shelves Pesta, there are still some drinks that come in Glass bottles with screw tops…

Good idea too Tess, sadly I haven’t got zip lock bags. Just tie bags. There’s bugger all in this place :smiley:

Yes, I agree and I probably would do that if it wasn’t for this damn virus. I didn’t really want to go in the shops browsing for something. Oh bugga.

Nope. :smiley:

I’ve just thought, I’ve some plastic containers, smallish sturdy ones, which I can sterilise with boiling water.
Will that be safe?

PS They can be used in m.wave and dishwasher

You could staple them. :mrgreen:

Finally, something I can say I have actually got! :mrgreen:

Depends what was in them Pesta, if it was petrol I’d say nooooo…:smiley:

We’re gonna get a slap in a minute Foxy, I can feel it coming on. :-p