Cruise Ships are Back

After being totally banned from Australian waters for over 2 years the first cruise liner since the Ruby Princess entered Sydney Harbour.

Should that not be Cruise Ships are Stern? :smiley::smiley::smiley:

@Bruce , Anything for a quick buck eh ??
Donkeyman! :frowning::frowning:

I think for some they have become habitual; addictive even ; safe [ almost!] and home from home and sometimes a place for romance? and where else can ya stagger home pissed and safe?

My little story about us going cruising. Having never been originally on a cruise ship as I can’t swim all that water worried me (yep me being stupid). My thoughts were if we went on a river cruise at least the river banks are nearby so we booked and went tol Egypt and up the River Nile.

river banks not as close as I thought but had a great time so now hooked.

Since then done a couple of med cruises- Baltic cruise -Fjords in Norway as well as a caribbean cruise and Japan.
Now soon heading on another cruise back to Norway etc.
Ok it is not everyones idea of a holiday fair enough but what you get for your money it is well worth it

typical on board main theatre al included

lounge with small stage for entertainment

different ship

not forgetting many places to eat from dead posh to snacks virtually all day long, we have book for an italian evening meal on this trip

A Taste of Italy sample menue
Embark on a culinary journey through Italy in a warm, subdued setting. From the farm-inspired heartiness of Tuscany to the famed flavors of Rome, our artful menu features specialties from the country’s most treasured regions. Savor cheeses from Parmigiano Reggiano or Campania and balsamic vinegar from Modena. Enjoy lasagna with handmade pasta nestled in Bolognese-style sauce, or an elegant veal scaloppini lapped with Marsala wine sauce. Finish off with our decadent version of classic tiramisu in the spirit of abbondanza.

World Café casual dining

With live cooking, an open kitchen and premium sushi/seafood choices, the World Café provides a vibrant interactive experience and a wide range of international flavors. Dine indoors or al fresco on the Aquavit Terrace for stunning panoramic views.


Named for “Mamsen,” the Hagen family matriarch, this venue offers Norwegian specialties including waffles according to Mamsen’s original recipe, open-faced sandwiches and split pea soup.

other types of entertainment such as

whats more you get to chat to them. this guy learn’t the organ and played in his local church originally

So you get all this as much food as you can eat- free entertainment -talks- qujizes let alone exersions with a guide in each polrt again free our specialises tours which are extra

SUe wanted this on in iceland called “the golden circle” which covers 2 tectonic plates

Witness otherworldly, spellbinding landscapes as you tour the fabled “Island of Fire and Ice.” Iceland’s volcanic and glacial activity make it one of the world’s most dramatic spots for unspoiled splendor. You will drive with your guide to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Thingvellir National Park, where Iceland’s first national assembly was founded in 930 AD. Visit this Viking site, then continue to Gullfoss to marvel at the “Golden Falls,” the nation’s most famous waterfall, as it plunges into Hvítá Canyon. Next, you will stop in the Haukadalur geothermal area to witness the eruption of the Strokkur geyser. After a delicious lunch, drive across the Hellisheiði mountain plateau, blanketed with postglacial lava fields. Back in Reykjavík, enjoy sweeping views of the city from here before returning to your ship.

gummy, are you going a bit “Overboard”?

always recognized on my cruises - I’m the one in the permanent life jacket!

If you are going on a cruise, make sure you stay above decks, such vessels are petri dishes. :smiley:

I’ve often spent a happy hour in the engine room with a lady in shere silk? or was that shared silk?

Worse case back then = Delhi Belly.

you smeared what on ya belly?

Never Cruised, but splattered the occasional Belly.

I see realspeed has lost his realspeed again?

Give the Geezer some space!

oeer you do get excited quickly then?

how wrong can one get? you should see the health loops we have to jump through to go on the cruise.
Not only prove and show your fully covid vaccinated- be tested 3 days before hand by an authorsied approved testing agency -wear a mask initially on board until cleared and then checked every day.
I can see this being done at wimbledon tennis or at football matches I don’t think

You have a typical vast knowledge about being on a cruiser liner , Oh I see you have never been on one. Strange how you know so much! Maybe it is better not to comment than make yourself look a right PRATT

In which Era?

jack hammer speedo we used to call ya if I recall? - is speedo still on his way?

You can recall all you like, it will never be total.

BTW, who is this We? is it more intrusive than that They?