Crossing Places Off Your List

What places have you traveled turned out to be a disappointment or gave you enough reason to say you’d never go back again? Why?

I am a happy, grateful, low maintenance traveler, but I feel that way about New York City.

My curiosity stems from currently planning a 2-3 week vacation in late '19, and since I can’t decide where I want to go - I thought I might start out by figuring out where I don’t want to go.

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I don’t really like cities so tend not to go to them if I can help it .
Never been to New York .

I am not really a City person anymore either but I love New York. Probably the one city I have visited that I really like.

I know many will disagree with me here but I found Las Vegas not really to my liking and I would not want to go back. It’s fine if you are a gambler, which I am not and the only thing left is eating, eating and eating. Perhaps if I was single, I might feel differently about it.

I would not want to go back to Paignton or Torquay , I had read it was the English Rivieria it did not live up to it description .

London, I always come back and leap straight in the shower, Its such a dirty place.

Sunderland, only place in UK we have parked and seriously worried about our safety and if our car would be there when we returned. That was back in the 90s it may have changed since then but back then it wasn’t nice.

I wouldnt ever want to go back to Whitehaven what a dump!!
And Hastings many years ago was an utter pit of despair :frowning:


The Ukraine.




I have been to a lot of places, mostly on business. So not generally touristy places. Many I would go back to and a few I wouldn’t.

Kayseri, central Turkey, is one. Limited food choices for western tastes but OK if you like sheep’s brain.

South Africa is another. I went there for a few months and it was different. Sections of the beach for whites only was a bit of an eye opener for me as an unseasoned traveller at the time. But the food was superb. I have been back since apartheid was dismantled. It not a safe place.

Libya was interesting but not a place I would go back to now. Not even sure I could.

Malta is another place I would cross of my list for the same reason I would avoid the Mediterranean resorts in Spain. They are over run with tourists and, in my view, have lost their identity.

On the other side of the coin, one of the most pleasant holidays we had was in the Trossachs in Scotland. We rented a holiday cottage there. And walked lots.

Used to love hastings but they’ve used it as a dumping ground for benefit claimants and refugees for years now it’s really spoiled the area. Used to be a retirement area few years ago and a place for family holidays. Not anymore, sadly.

Thats such a shame Julie as the whole place looked very good if you could just see beyond the facade…maybe it can be good again one day :slight_smile:

It seems a lot of our seaside places are going the same way. I suppose if you are going to scrounge, you might as well do it by the sea.

Everywhere is off my list, my world has grown smaller as I have become too fearful to drive very far from the safety of home .

I was in Hastings only a few days ago as it is local and didn’t find it like that at all. It now even has THE PLANK


? anyone

Whats the plank?:shock::confused:

We also have

book for peak times weeks in advance

It does look very different to the Hastings I remember.
The Plank in the background

The only thing i liked about Gloucester was the Tales of Gloucester shop and , the museum down the main street .I wouldnt go back again.