Covid in Scotland: One in 20 had the virus last week

Scotland saw the largest increase in Covid cases in the UK last week, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

It estimates about 250,700 people - one in 20 - had the virus in the week ending 17 June. That is an increase on the previous week when about 176,900, or one in 30 people, had Covid.

By comparison, about one in 40 people in England had the virus last week, one in 45 in Wales and one in 30 in Northern Ireland.

The latest ONS Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infection Survey said the increase in the number of people testing positive was likely being driven by the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants. They are not thought to be more lethal than any other form of Covid but they do appear to be spreading more quickly.

It follows data published by Public Health Scotland earlier this week which reported a 30% jump in infections in the week ending 19 June.

Public health expert Prof Linda Bauld said the latest ONS data suggests Scotland was experiencing another spike of infection.

It’s summer, the rules have been eased and people have dropped their guard. The increase in cases was inevitable. I expect the rest of the UK to experience a similar increase in level of infection over the holiday period … :slightly_frowning_face:

Before the rise of infection again, I had planned to stop wearing my mask in shops untill Winter comes around again, but I’m still doing it. A lot of people aren’t though, and the North Highlands is heaving with non mask wearing tourists just now, most with English Accents, so expect some of them to return home with it.

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I’m still wearing a mask in enclosed locations, even in hospitals, which have dropped mask requirements. I had expected a surge in the summer holidays … :mask:

Everywhere i go, whether its on the bus or in shops, I’m always told

“Oh you don’t need to wear a mask anymore y’know”

I just nod and smile, say “ok” and carry on my way wearing it regardless. I’m not interested in what the “rules” say if it puts my health at risk. :woman_shrugging:

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Good for you … :+1:

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trust the Scots to stuff it up - always goin their own ways!

numbers here in the USA are down however some are still threating shutdowns

Just out of interest nudistcouple,are you both wearing facemask,on your face i mean ?.

My daughter came back from Spain last Saturday, on Sunday she started feeling ill. Yes Covid came back with her. :sob:


This new variant may not be nastier than the earlier ones but you still do not want to get it.