Covid Deaths are Double the Official Figures - WHO

I didn’t say it wasn’t I said I know nothing about what’s going on in the USA to do with Covid the only thing I do know is that’s where majority of the conspiracy theories derive from.

A lot of them do, and a lot of them come from here as well. You should check out my friends landlord, the guy is a complete nutter. He believes that the trails left by aeroplanes are chemicals for mind control and sleeps with onions in his socks because the onions negate the chemicals from the aeroplanes.

Honestly, I’m not making this up - his girlfriend is just as bad.

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I can well believe it, there’s a conspiracy theorist on another site I go on and you’re like a pussy cat compared to him.

You still come out with a lot of the things he says though.

See - your comparing me with a conspiracy theorist just because I disagree with you.

Yes you do come out with some things that conspiracy theorists come out with. But I have no idea where you get your information from.

I get my information from many sources, such as the ONS, world in data Pfizers documentation, BMJ.

You too come out with things that conspiracy theorists come out with as well, like facemasks don’t work etc.

Do you also think that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology or do you believe it came from the Wuhan wet market where the virus jumped species from a bat to a human ?

You might get your information from those places then put your own spin on them.

Yes conspiracy theorists say face masks don’t work. But so do others as well and Which did a test on different ones and showed the ones that people are buying don’t work, the only ones that do are the proper ones.

And haven’t a clue regarding where the virus originated from and don’t care.

No spin here, I’m looking at data, statistics and published scientific data. It simply doesnt make sense what we were being told in most cases. Neil Fergusons predictions were way off (as they were with SARS and MERS previously), facemasks never prevented us from catching COVID and now we have information about the vaccines which, originally the government and the experts said one thing and now we know it wasn’t true.

Sweden proves a lot of it was utter rubbish as does the data emerging on vaccines (which Pfizer tried to hide), facemasks and other advice we were given. A lot of it was so “out there” (like eating a scotch egg meant you didn’t have to wear a facemask but sitting next to the person eating it meant you didn’t) was just utter nonsense.

Kids at School standing in circles drawn on the playground floor to keep them socially distanced, barriers put up in supermarkets with staff wearing facemasks behind them serving us, in Wales non-essential items in supermarkets were literally taped off so you could buy food but not a new toaster. It was all utter nonsense as was not being allowed to sit on your own on a park bench and limited to 1 hour a day of exercise out doors.

Looking back on the pictures of how things were in lockdown are horrific and to think we did this to ourselves based on advice from people who never got any predictions anywhere near right, the same organisation (SAGE) that had no immunologists or virologists and were made up of mainly socialist behavioural psychologists, lead by Whitty who’s only pandemic experience was Ebola.

The WHO lied to us about China - they covered up what was going on until it was too late. The WHO is lead by Dr Tedros who isn’t actually a medic at all and has a background of human right violations in Ethiopia. They covered up for the CCP - they are CCPs sympathisers !

We furloughed just about the entire country but had an epidemic of COVID in NHS workers but not super market workers. We banged pots and pans clapping the NHS on Thursday nights and then a year later threatened them with being fired if they didn’t take the vaccines, coercing them and millions of others into taking a vaccine they (the healthy and under 50s) didn’t actually need.

Thats the reality of what was going on, no conspiracy theory here, it actually happened … and it doesn’t make sense - especially when the official figure for survival of COVID is around 99.8% and the figure from the ONS on the number of people with COVID as the only morbidity on their death certificate was 17000 (or thereabouts).

SAGE were even wrong about OMICRON wanting to lock us down again even though the advice and experience from South African doctors told them otherwise. SAGE was wrong again and if it wasn’t for Boris Johnson sticking two fingers up at Whitty, Valance and JVT we would most likely still have restrictions now.

Even now we are asked for a 4th booster and a 5th is round the corner. Thats because the vaccines are dud and facemasks never worked. Look at how big tech censored anyone questioning “the science” with doctors banned from Twitter and Facebook for voicing an alternative opinion.

In China they now claim your pets can get COVID and they have been culling peoples family pets - dogs and cats mainly. Go check it out.

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Only over 75s and the vulnerable are being invited for a fourth vaccine here in the UK as I’ve pointed out several times before.

I haven’t got a clue about what’s going on in China, I only take notice of what effects me personally.

Under 75s will be coming soon for another jab, then every six months. Just like all the other jabs and boosters. Children are also being vaccinated and in the USA, babies.

Why don’t you give up your scaremongering techniques .
Whose interested what Americans do they do a lot of things that we wouldn’t do.

Well I haven’t heard anything about under 75s being invited for another jab and definitely not every six months. So would you mind providing a link for that please. Yes children are now able to get vaccinated if they wish as loads of parents were calling out for it, I think it’s only fair that they have a choice. None of my four grandchildren have been vaccinated and that’s their parent’s choice which I respect and would have respected if they had got them vaccinated.

What happens in the USA doesn’t bother me, that’s up to them.

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I never said under 75s are getting the jabs I said they will be as they have with the other 3. It starts with the over 70’s then works its way down.

Why, I have no idea because young healthy people are in the lowest risk categories and it makes no sense to get vaccinated.

The entire worlds Pharma industry revolves around the USA FDA. Thats why what happens in the USA is important.

I know that’s what you said, that’s why I asked for a link. If you said, you think, then that shows that that’s your opinion and not something definite. For what it’s worth I think as I’ve said before that they’ll offer yearly jabs to the over 65s and vulnerable people as they do with the flu jab and maybe even do a combination jab.

I’ll ignore your last paragraph because not worth replying to. If that’s what you wish to believe so be it.

A link to what ?

Under 70s being offered jabs ? They have been for all 3 jabs so far a 4th and a 5th will be no different

As I say, I think that it will become yearly like they do with flu. It was ages ago that over 75s were offered their fourth jab, if they were going to lower the age group I think they would have done by now like they did with the other jabs.

You obviously think something different so not worth keep going backwards and forwards on as only time will tell and as I say, they haven’t lowered the age group yet, so I can’t see it happening until a year is up.

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Truth Wendeey

This from a few days ago … its called “your immune system” …