Covid Deaths are Double the Official Figures - WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) says nearly 15 million people were killed either by COVID-19 or by its impact on overwhelmed health systems during the past two years, more than double the official death toll of just over 5.4 million.

There were 14.9 million excess deaths associated with COVID-19 by the end of 2021, the UN body said on Thursday.

The official count of deaths directly attributable to COVID-19 and reported to WHO in that period, from January 2020 to the end of December 2021, was slightly more than 5.4 million.

Excess mortality figures relied on by the WHO reflect the people who died of COVID-19 as well as those who died as an indirect result of the outbreak, including people who could not access healthcare for other conditions when systems were overwhelmed during huge waves of infection.

the one positive out of all this sadly to say is that the worlds total population has been reduced and that is a good thing. there has also probably been greater losses in the poorer nations and so less to require subsidizes from the richer nations ? - so another positive till the next time. But for me the axis of the world has just been shifted - less richer nation deaths greater poorer and so status quo remains?

15m is a tiny percentage of the worlds population and as the WHO has said this figure is an estimate and compared to over 18m by cardiovascular dierase and nearly 11m from cancer every year the figure is pretty meaningless.

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it’s about 0.2% of the world’s population and therefore twice the approximate death rate due to flu.

It may be meaningless to you but it probably does mean something to those who had a loved one die of the disease.

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no figure should be meaningless and isn’t - they all paint a story - having been involved in collecting research stats at times the number crunching can seem tedious and “meaningless” in that sense but at the end of each number there is often a life and death, and I have noticed of late that research scientists have acquired a more sensitive manner to presenting their findings and so it should be

How do you know that Mr Fraggle hasn’t lost a loved one Bruce?
We all don’t break down into a sobbing mass of mulch because we have lost someone close. Life goes on for those left behind, no matter how painful.

What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say OGF, he was the one that said the numbers were meaningless.

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@Bruce , Only •2% , and that figure has had to be manipulated by adding
the deaths of people that were unconfirmed as being caused by covid ??
The true figure should be •1% of world population !Which is meaningless
in the context of population density ??
Personally l have come to the conclusion that human life itself has no
meaning in the scheme of things universal !

Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

How was it calculated?

The WHO should never be believed it was because of them this became a pandemic.

They re the apologists for the CCP

Check out Swedens excess mortality rate.

Of course ( IYO ) they are in on the grand globalist conspiracy too.

Actually people do break down life may go on but it’s never the same .

In my opinion I think your statement was insensitive and inappropriate Bruce, and added nothing to discussion.
It was also wrong…The numbers of deaths from covid would be meaningless to those who lost a loved one, only the person or persons in question would matter. Although we feel sorry for all the people who die each day, we don’t generally mourn people we don’t know.
And just for the record, these kinds of statistics are a complete nonsense. At best they are a very rough estimation, and at the worst, wildly inaccurate.

And your rational OGF for saying all this is ?
You know all these figures are a ‘rough estimate’ or ‘ wildly inaccurate’?
I must say and it’s seems out of character for you but IMO your first post lacked empathy for all those who have lost a loved one and there were many . And many of these people didn’t just slip away they died badly and very often alone .Your second post is merely your opinion unsupported by facts of any description.

I didn’t say life would be the same Muddy, but each of us treat the death of a loved one in different ways, and Bruce took it upon himself to speak for for everyone who ever lost a love one. He was just stating the obvious to attack Mr Fraggle’s post and it had no bearing on the topic in question and has resulted in going well off topic…

These threads always end up in arguments … or get personal.

Does anyone seriously believe we will ever learn the true scale of deaths due to covid? Or the public money that has been wasted or incorrectly spent?

Suffice to say it wrecked people’s lives and sometimes resulted in their death.
It’s not really making anyone look especially good here now to be coming out with statements like …

There’s always conspiracy theorists and nutters chipping in their theories.
Let’s just hope if and when another pandemic strikes that individual governments handle it better and can work together better as a team.
The nutters, I’m afraid, will probably still be shouting from the sidelines.

There should never be another lockdown.

The collateral damage is the next epidemic. I’m no conspiracy theorist, in fact I’ve had a right old barney with them over the years on other platforms, but there are serious holes in the data we were given, from Fergusons predictions (none were right) to the governments response, following SAGE, who didn’t have one virologist or immunologist in their team.

People have been spun the lies for years via big tech and the MSM but thankfully, now the truth is coming out. Pfizers documents are just the start, the real shockers are yet to come in October.

I thought this was a discussion Morty, where people can express their different views without being accused of being ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ or getting all emotional.

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Exactly right, that’s the problem OGF, we saw it everywhere, on social media, MSM even in the workplace where if you disagree with the pumped out propaganda etc then you get insulted, sanctioned and cancelled (as I have been on here a number of times).

Yeah sure, these people will evangelise truth, freedom to speak out etc, but when anyone does, and the arguments against theirs start to tear apart the narrative, you can consider yourself shadow banned, cancelled and treated as a heretic. Musk buying Twitter is perhaps the biggest contribution to freedom of speech we have seen for decades. Now authorities on the truth, such as Dr Robert Malone (who was part of the team inventing mRNA vaccines) now has his voice back, as do the growing number of others like me, who looked at the data, listened to the messaging and realised it didn’t add up and it doesn’t make sense.

Freedom of speech is the backbone of democracy, I always thought this site was part of that, but that left the station many months ago which is why I seldom post on here.


This is a discussion OGF a and patronising comments about getting ‘ all emotional ‘ are IMO un acceptable .
Conspiracy theory that peddle false information detrimental to peoples health are rightly open to be challenged .