Could the virus spreading over China be assisted in spreading by
the high speed trains and air travel??
Has this factor been taken into consideration in our planning for
As this project has the potential to carry 15400 passengers per hour
24hrs a day if only the Glasgow branch is built perhaps this should
be considered?
They hope to run 14 trains an hour each way!! Who are they kidding
These figures have never been approached in uk before and imo
never will?

The Chinese are building a high speed train from England to Scotland? Great. But if so I think it should be paid for up front - in full. No strings attached. Otherwise, no deal.

It was said, when there was the outbreak of Ebola in some African countries a few years ago that it would soon reach here.
I don’t think it did, did it?

So hopefully, this Chinese virus won’t reach here either?

The chinese are only supplying the trains KZ, less the drive
system l believe, which will be supplied by siemens? The tracks
and signalling etc will be provided by a consortium! So its all a bit
mix & match?
Concerning the payment for all this, you suggest payment up front!
This will be difficult as the final cost is not fixed and keeps getting
increased? Might l ask why you advocate this method of payment?

BTW l was concerned with the spread of disease due to rapid
transit by large numbers of humans, as appears to be case in
China presently?

Ebola did reach here Arty, but it is a tropical disease and cant
survive in our climate! But some other diseases are not hampered
by this factor, hence my concern?


Ebola originated in the Tropics.

It is transmissible human to human, so can easily survive anywhere.

As regards the new Chinese Virus, this is also transferable human to human and it is symptomless but still infective in the first few days.

The reason everyone is getting nervous about it is that Chinese New Year will shortly be upon us, with millions of Chinese travelling long distances for family reunions.

This includes International Travel.

This doesn’t sound good from just 3 hours ago:

Swimmy, has your son got any plans to travel back that way?
Looks like he may have got out just in time!
See here:

" A handful of cases have also been identified abroad: two in Thailand, one in Japan, one in South Korea and one in Taiwan. Those infected had recently returned from Wuhan."

The World Health Organization has advised people to avoid “unprotected” contact with live animals, thoroughly cook meat and eggs, and avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.

Signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Worrying indeed…will We be advised to start wearing masks when out & about Our daily business I wonder :shock:


Thanks for your interest Mups.

Guy would love to be back in Taiwan, however it will be many months before he is able to travel again.

It is a complicated situation as he has now lost motor skills in his left arm and it will be May before he sees a Specialist.

It now transpires that although his head injury abroad contributed to his Epilepsy, he was misdiagnosed by the NHS when he had problems here in the UK before he left for Taiwan.

It is something of a difficult time for both of us.


Currently minimal risks here in the UK, so stop worrying and carry on as normal.

Facemasks which you can buy are useless anyway against certain types of virus.

We have an effective Vaccination against Ebola.

We already have samples of this virus and are working on an antidote for it.

Feel free to follow Realists advice and do not get vaccinated.

I will not be.

:mrgreen: Best not to mention Realist & vaccines in the same sentence…not seen Him around for a wee while…I do hope He hasn’t caught the flu’.

Naughty May . . .

I’d better zip it or I’ll get zapped…again :-p

Yes, Donkeyman. There were a few cases of people with Ebola, who had come back to this country after living there but it didn’t reach pandemic proportions.


Looks like it’s getting more serious. The first case has now been found in the USA, with those affected returning from the areas (4) in China. Considering they now confirm that it can be passed person-to-person, it’s about time this country of ours pulls it’s finger out and put safeguards into place immediately.

Just think, most Chinese restaurants here will be closed while thousands of owners and families return to China to celebrate Chinese New Year which starts on Saturday.
And they will then all be returning to the UK!!!
Surely the least we should do is test each and every one of them upon their return to prevent an epidemic happening here. It is quite scary.

What is your view, I honestly feel that travel to China should be suspended for citizens living here as surely they pose a risk to us all?

Am I right or am I being over cautious?

Nope not at all are you being over cautious.
I do believe that the people in charge at Heathrow Airport need your kind of approach to this matter.

It is quite alarming that they are only singling out one part of China for checks and not all of China’s airports.
I am sure China as more airports than just the Wuhan airport.

I read that they will be monitoring planes landing here but assume that will only be if someone has symptoms. Time to buy a surgical mask?

I am not worried at all. We’ve been through all this scaremongering before and it’s come to nothing.


Could give you a list over the years that came to nothing.