Coronation Street

How sad and depressing was last night episode, if the writers can’t do better people will not watch anymore.

I have to admit I havent watched any of the soaps for years now…

It did all get too depressing for me…

Eastenders lurches from one drama and tragedy to another Corrie is much the same and yet millions love it…

for some reason my box decided just to record the first half. technology

What happened?

I was wondering the same!

Well I watched last night’s and I don’t remember it being any more depressing than usual.

Did Ena Sharples get a new hair net??-been a long time since I had to watch it

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Unlike most soaps Coronation Street does contain some humorous and light hearted themes, and I don’t miss an episode. However, some of the storylines are a bit predictable. Friday’s edition trundled on with Tracey being her usual nasty self, and with the help of Tony are trying to con Steve and Liz out of the Rovers. Gavin the imposter should be getting found out soon after David caught Gail placing flowers on the real Gavin’s grave. Now David knows the story there’s no way he’ll keep it a secret cos he’s a devious little sod. I heard on the grapevine something big is coming up in the next few weeks, so I’ll hang on in there for now.

Steve aka Simon is a wimp and a bad actor too!I can hardly bear to watch his performance and what a performance it was when the focus was on him with the storyline of his depression, no one was as depressed as me for sitting through it.
I often record the programme now so I can fast forward him!

Corrie street = political correctness being rammed down your throat…
.No longer watch it no longer enjoyable.

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Give us an example, Basser.

Coronation Street has moved on since 2013 :slight_smile:

See David, on his way to a Car Boot Sale.

Lacklustre and mediocre, been watching corrie since it started but now find it boring. Time to move on.

It is just a Soap, a modern day Wandering Minstrel, offering scenarios for consumption without risk.:slight_smile:

Was wondering what had happened to the Watershed? is there still one in existence or are youngsters allowed to see anything these days

Ooooooooh!! Just read that Shayne Ward (X Factor winner) is joining the cast, as Michelle Connor’s cousin, Aiden Connor. He won’t appear until August though.

He’s very dishy. I’ve seen him in the flesh too, so I can vouch for that. :smiley:

Is there anybody left still watching Corrie?

There’s nowhere on earth so dangerous to live. This week there’s a massive fire.

It’s supposed to be dramatic but it made me laugh. There was Carla - dragged from the flats coughing and spluttering and almost unconscious. Much much later comes Amy who was in there much longer than Carla - and yet Amy climbs down the ladder and appears to have no ill effects. Meantime her rescuer gets blown up . Oh - y a w n - I hate all these stupid disaster scenes…

Good scene last night.
Fantastic acting from Sally Ann Matthews. I hope she is recognised at the British Soap Awards…