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Interesting, Gumbud. Have never tried eating the stuff - just used it to make hair conditioner!

Seems like coconut oil is the new must have.

I’ve never eaten it but did buy a pot to use as a conditioner and as a body cream but find it very greasy.


Just another marketing con.

Anything coconut smelling reminds me of that “on holiday sun lotion smell.” I like it :slight_smile:

I use one of these occasional, makes delish chicken curry.

where’s the anti- anti-superfood brigade when they’re needed!:smiley:

I came across this about ten years ago. A holiday acquaintance swore that her health had been transformed by virgin coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. We were on a group mountain hiking trip so it’s clear she was pretty healthy from it.

I have tried both but they did nothing for me. But it clearly has certain benefits for specific conditions and helps certain individuals who have tried and failed with conventional meds. The saturated element is offset with other benefits for some. But I will stick to extra virgin olive oil as a cure all.

It’s apparently very good for healing cracked skin and I had a yoga teacher who used it to clean her teeth (pulling). They were super white.

It depends where you get your information from. I’ve used coconut oil for everything from hair masks to help losing weight and it’s awesome stuff. I don’t particularly care that one person doesn’t get it.

Shocking Myths And Truths About Coconut Oil -

Very much all looks like a purposeful media campaign to harm the coconut oil industry. I guess they must have their reasons, political or otherwise for that.

My thoughts exactly. Doctors get royalty like kick backs for supporting pharmaceutical drugs and heaven forbid that something organically natural could surpass that is unthinkable.

It does look like a media campaign to harm the coconut oil industry and their facts are not correct at all. The saturated fat in coconut all is a medium chained fatty acid that lowers bad cholesterol and helps all sorts of disorders including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism etc., etc., Maybe the fact that it IS so miraculous is why they feel threatened to enough to try and ruin its reputation.

Not for me. Coconut oil is still incredible and I would never consider giving it up due to one incorrect article.

Yep, it’s a little like Carbohydrates which got a back rep years ago leading to people avoiding them and then becoming ill. It later transpired that there were actually Good Carbs and Bad Carbs and that we needed to learn the difference and eat accordingly. With cholesterol and fats there are good and bad LDLs and fats.

When using oils for cooking I ensure I’m using oils with a high smoke point to avoid the creation of carcinogens. So I use Rice Bran oil or Avocado oil. For baking I use Coconut Oil in place of butter.

agree w you - good for you!

three of me mates all died from coconut oil recently - they were all standing underneath a coconut tree on Xmas Island when - plop;plop and plop - the tree will be sawn down next week in retribution!

I add coconut flour to the high protein bread I make to help balance my blood sugar. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Can we believe anything we read? Here in the U.S. for a while eggs were good for us. Then they were bad, then they were good again, etc.

I couldn’t live without my coconut oil. I get it in the jar. I even use it after I brush my teeth. I love the feel after brushing my teeth and I think it whitens them a bit.

It is wonderful to rub on the skin…

Every home should have a jar of coconut oil…
…I kid you not.:smiley:

Oh me too Blue. I use it as a pre poo since my hairs quite dry and I use it on my skin all the time. It’s great on teeth and does help whiten them.

Another thing it’s great for is naturally suppressing the appetite so it is exceptionally beneficial for those trying to lose weight.
I wouldn’t be without my coconut oil either.

Bratti, do you put it on your hair “before” you shampoo or after?
Also, how do you use it to suppress the appetite?

I buy these Wafer Rolls for a treat. They are so delicious, inside is coconut. YUMMY…Sometime I invite a few friends in for tea and I serve these. I get them at Winners, but I don’t know where else they are. They are European. I usually buy 3 or 4 tins at a time, they are $5.00 a tin, but so lovely to serve to company and I have a lot of friends that love to come…

Do you have a Winners near you? They have a specialty section and I love trying new things, but these are my favourite so far.

PS: Do you buy the coconut oil in the jar or do you us the oil? Or both?

I rub it in my hands and then plunk it in the ends of my hair every morning and every night. Before I shampoo I add some more to my hair while it ‘s dry and then wash my hair.

Coconut oil is one of the very few oils than soak into the cuticle of the hair shaft so it gets absorbed; most oils just sit on top making the hair greasy.

My curly locks need coconut oil otherwise my hair looks like a frizzy hot mess

The biscuits look lovely.

I get my coconut oil by the tub from Costco. It’s the Kirkland brand and it’s awesome. It’s either just over $20 or just under . I can’t remember . Here’s a pic

To suppress the appetitive you use a teaspoon or two to a cup of warm / hot water . You drink it before it cools. Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature the oil will start to harden once the water cools. It not only works but it lowers bad cholesterol as well.