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Blimey Lincs, you almost sound like a climate scientist…

School level biology more like

Well if you knew anything about physics you would have known that due to photosynthesis that plants absorb CO2 during the day and release oxygen…Therefore: the CO2 must be at ground level and not high in the atmosphere.
Also, however knowledgeable you might claim to be, the facts are clear, that extreme weather events only seem to be apparent recently since we started trying to reduce CO2.
Also, we produce far less CO2 today than we did back in the 19th and 20th century. So why have extreme weather events only seem to be reacting to greenhouse gases now?

I do wonder if you’ve thought this conclusion through. Why, simply because plants are absorbing CO2, do you conclude that this means CO2 is only at plant level? Are you implying that plants are furiously sucking in CO2 and this suction is pulling CO2 down to them? Nope. Just because the plants are using the CO2 around them does not imply anything about the CO2 elsewhere in the atmosphere.
Your second claim that extreme weather is only happening since CO2 is plainly wrong. It ignores the cumulative effect of CO2 production. You also assume “far less” CO2 production - really? Have you statistics to back this claim? Anyway, here is a link that explains what is going on. First an extract:
“Since the beginning of industrial times (in the 18th century), human activities have raised atmospheric CO2 by 50% – meaning the amount of CO2 is now 150% of its value in 1750. This is greater than what naturally happened at the end of the last ice age 20,000 years ago.”

So Sicily is now on fire too and reports of hailstones the size of golf balls on lake Garda. A third of the power network was out in the Philippines today because of a typhoon. It’s strange to sit here in relative normality when so many are struggling with freak weather conditions.

Though your eyes see shipwrecked sailors you’re still dry
The outlook’s fine though Wales might have some rain
Saved again

It’s only freak weather because you haven’t heard about it before 24 hour news coverage Annie…
There is also talk of arson…Could it be ‘Just Stop Oil’ or ‘Extinction Rebellion’ (what happened to them?) just stepping up their campaign?

I saw the reports about Sicily and hailstones on Twitter. I was told about the typhoon in the Philippines by a Filipino nurse. Greece is on the news but not the rest. A friend’s husband was hospitalised with heat stroke while they were in Portugal last week.

I have to say the Philippines does suffer from extreme weather frequently .
Other places like in the Caribbean get typhoons and storms often .

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Forget all the rubbish you’ve read about CO2 and Methane having an effect on the climate…This is the reason why the climate is changing. Not because you drive a diesel…’s%20axis%20is%20currently%20tilted,about%2010%2C000%20years%20from%20now.

Quote from the article…
Obliquity – The angle Earth’s axis of rotation is tilted as it travels around the Sun is known as obliquity. Obliquity is why Earth has seasons. Over the last million years, it has varied between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees with respect to Earth’s orbital plane. The greater Earth’s axial tilt angle, the more extreme our seasons are, as each hemisphere receives more solar radiation during its summer, when the hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun, and less during winter, when it is tilted away. Larger tilt angles favor periods of deglaciation (the melting and retreat of glaciers and ice sheets). These effects aren’t uniform globally – higher latitudes receive a larger change in total solar radiation than areas closer to the equator.

Earth’s axis is currently tilted 23.4 degrees, or about half way between its extremes, and this angle is very slowly decreasing in a cycle that spans about 41,000 years. It was last at its maximum tilt about 10,000 years ago and will reach its minimum tilt about 10,000 years from now. As obliquity decreases, it gradually helps make our seasons milder, resulting in increasingly warmer winters, and cooler summers that gradually, over time, allow snow and ice at high latitudes to build up into large ice sheets. As ice cover increases, it reflects more of the Sun’s energy back into space, promoting even further cooling.

So it’s Cyclists fault?

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“I can very confidently assert, there is NO climate emergency.”
“As much as it may upset many people, my message is the planet is NOT in peril. … atmospheric CO2 and methane have negligible effect on the climate.
The policies government have been implementing are total unnecessary and should be eliminated.
So far, [we] have totally misidentified what is the dominant process in controlling the climate, and all of the various models are based on incomplete and incorrect physics.
The dominant process, is “the cloud-sunlight-reflexivity thermostat mechanism.
Clouds are all bright white, and they reflected 90% of the sunlight back into space making them the most crucial yet most overlooked aspect of the climate system.
Two-thirds of the Earth are ocean. The Pacific Ocean alone is half the Earth. The average cloud cover for the Earth is 67%; about 50% over land and 75% over oceans.
I claim that the above conspicuous properties of clouds are the missing part of the puzzle.

I can very confidently assert, there is no climate emergency."

Take it from someone who knows…

So why are all (yes, each and every one) of the world’s glaciers melting at an increasing rate?

Simon Reeves had a good programme in this last week .
It was about the glaciers receding in Patagonia.

Nobody is saying that the climate isn’t changing, that’s what the climate does, but lets not get carried away with some cock and bull theory about CO2 etc…
You’ve been brainwashed so much by the media that you won’t even believe an eminent scientist who is an expert…

A few months ago I posted a thread here about how the oil companies are funding false news and claims about climate change - funding it by billions. Your man Clauser is one of those pushing false information, paid for by oil companies. And you say I’m the dupe.
Took me 2 min to find out that you are being fed lies:
In May 2023, Clauser joined the board of the CO2 Coalition, a organization.
The CO2 Coalition is a successor to the George C. Marshall Institute, a think tank focusing on defense and climate issues which closed in 2015. William O’Keefe, a chief executive officer of the Marshall Institute and former CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, continued as CEO of the CO2 Coalition.
The American Petroleum Institute is the largest U.S. trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. It claims to represent nearly 600 corporations involved in production, refinement, distribution, and many other aspects of the petroleum industry. It has advanced climate change denial and blocking of climate legislation to defend the interests of its constituent organizations.
PS Clauser is an expert in quantum mechanics, not climate change. And he likes clouds. Just saying.

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So he couldn’t possibly be right then Lincs…Just bear in mind that whoever you put your faith in , has to be financed by somebody, and usually for a good reason, and it sure isn’t for the well being of the human race or the planet.

I’d be interested to see, for example, your evidence of what body or institute financed Rachel Carson when she wrote “Silent Spring”. When you do a search though you find many comments and claims that Carson was wrong and the DTT ban was wrong & harmful. Guess who is funding those claims?

I’m sorry Lincs, did you mean DDT? And how is that connected to climate change?

Yes, thanks, that was a typo. My point was that Carson received much criticism from chemical company funded PR and scientists. They were protecting their lucrative chemical production. This was also cited as a key start point of environmentalism. So not so different from oil companies funding criticism of climate change science.

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