Climate change - National Geographic

Not to derail another thread
Reasons why it’s true

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Muddy, it’s been real for the last four or five decades, probably longer…

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I agree .
Unfortunately so many people don’t and have their heads in the sand .


Only decades? I would say it’s more like since our earth started to cool down following it’s ‘birth’. The geological evidence is there for all to see.


Muddy I can’t get it to play , do I gave to sign in and make an account?

No just press on the picture and after the ads the video will play

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It’s frightening what’s happening and amongst us there are those still in denial.
The flat earthers mentality.

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Nope…man made

0.9 of a degree rise in the average temperature over the last 150 years?
You are having a laugh Muddy…
Who do you think finances ‘National Geographic’?

Quote from wiki…
National Geographic Partners, LLC is a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company (which owns 73% of shares) and the namesake non-profit scientific organization National Geographic Society (which owns 27%) .

Is this the same ‘Walt Disney Company’

The feud between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Walt Disney Co. took a strange turn last week when DeSantis mused about putting a prison near the company’s Orlando-area theme park complex to punish it for its allegedly “woke” policies.

It was the latest volley in a battle that goes back to the company’s criticizing DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education Bill, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” by opponents. The rhetorical back-and-forth has become a political sideshow, with neither side wanting to give an inch.

Do you think that anyone dare contradict the biggest companies of the world and members of the World Economic Forum? They could shut you down in a minute, it’s not about the supposed science, it’s about power and control.
The fluctuating weather hasn’t got anything to do with El Nino and the influence from the sun then? It’s all about our cushy lifestyle?


You have a fridge don’t you Foxy ?
Drive a car or did ?
We burned coal all the last century belching goodness knows what into the atmosphere .
We are cutting down the rainforest (the lungs of the world ) at the rate of knots .
We are on a one way ticket to destruction .
Fortunately you and I will escape the worst effects our grandchildren’s generation will not .


To think that mankind…or womankind, can have any effect on the climate is just wishful thinking Muddy. Perhaps on a local basis such as the ‘London Smog’ I agree that we can. But the control of the climate is a massive thing stretching over the universe for billions of years and manipulated by things we can only dream about.
Unfortunately we are being manipulated into thinking we are destroying the planet for reasons I can only guess at, but there are people who do know whats happening and this fella is just one of millions…

Climate Scam

Yes I do have a fridge and I still drive a diesel motor, but what do you think will happen if everyone stopped driving and cooling their perishables…? You first!
If you want to wind the clock back that’s fine with me, but first we must stop people and goods travelling all around the world and produce food locally.

Foxy we couldn’t even support ourselves during WWII when the population was much smaller and there was more land available .

How do you propose we grow enough food to feed ourselves ?

The scientist who was tasked with examining the results of climate change back in the sixties ( forget his name) , had those results ridiculed, counter claimed and questioned by…the major oil companies in the us, this is where the climate change denial started, and took a long time for it to be realised that man was the cause of climate change, I’m afraid the deniers are still prevalent today…


You cast doubt on the science that denies man made climate change because it was financed by the oil companies Primus, but you agree with man made climate change when the research is financed by the green companies. How can we possibly believe anything we hear on the media or wiki when they are all in it for the money.

First we plug the leak that allows more people to come to an already overcrowded country. Then we send all the illegals back from whence they came.
But you need a government that will put the needs of the British people first and make some hard decisions.

I repeat we could not support ourselves during WW11 when the population was much less and more land available for crops what makes you think we could do so now?

Our diet would also be less healthy . No bananas / oranges / other fruit unless we invested in big hot houses

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Muddy you’re right

The U.K. hasn’t been able to feed itself since before mediaeval times

The country & the planet would be healthy if meat consumption was cut.
The population didn’t use to eat large amounts of meat everyday until recently.
The vast stretches of land are given over to animal feed.
Instead of food for us ,
Would eventually cut down on container loads of imported goods if less meat was consumed.

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Nobody is suggesting that we could produce all the food required to feed the population of the British Isles Muddy, but we could do a hell of a lot better than we do do now. And if we could only reduce 50% of the food transport, that would save lots of pollution (being as most of the transport is powered by diesels) prevent so much wear and tear of the road network, and free up some space. There would be no need to restrict exotic fruits to reduce transport by 50% and anyway, how healthy is fruit that has had preservatives added for it’s journey half way around the world?

@Ripple, I don’t know where you get your information from, but it’s wrong… :frowning_face:
I don’t honestly know where to start… :017:
Meat, milk, eggs, cheese, and many other things derived from animal products, including medicines are, and have always been the most important providers of nutrition and clothing etc. There are no vast stretches of land given over to animal feed…Cattle in this area are grazed on the lush grass of the canal and river banks, without the cattle the land would not be used to provide crops and would end up being an overgrown wasteland.

Net zero is a big con.

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