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The use of oil both commercially and domestically has been gradually increased as further uses and commodities have been realised from back in those early days Annie. Remember, we are comparing oil to the massive money making scam that net zero and climate change is. And the discovery of electricity and the introduction of Electric Vehicles.

do you have any science reports to back that up?

Again do you have any stats, scientific calculations to confirm this massive use of oil in previous centuries vs our use in the last 50 years say?

Do I actually need any Annie…? And, more from wiki…
Among the natural refrigerants (along with ammonia and carbon dioxide), hydrocarbons have negligible environmental impacts and are also used worldwide in domestic and commercial refrigeration applications, and are becoming available in new split system air conditioners.[

Along with Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide, hydrocarbons have negligible environmental impacts…

Are CFCs hydrocarbons?

Also you haven’t mentioned my references to the ecosphere and animal life. This is my main concern. The climate will change if you take away the right balance of insect / plant life. If we don’t have sufficient plants, we don’t have a very nice planet and in particular food to sustain humanity.

The climate change is already happening , nothing we can do about it !

we can certainly do a great deal to save the delicate ecological balance of our planet. Destruction of species and their habitats are more of a threat to humanity than climate change.

Its too late annie

if humanity disappeared from earth now, nature would reinstate its reign. Net zero is a con for nature. Unfortunately it’s all about money.

This is how they want you to feel Cosmos. Like you are responsible for the supposed destruction of nature and the planet, they use extreme weather as an example of the damage we cause by our decadent ways when in fact it is the rich and powerful who do the damage with industry and consumerism. They get you hooked on gadgets, that turn from luxuries to necessities. And what a coincidence it is that they are all members of WEF. They shatter your dreams, make you expect less and create despair so you become depressed and open to their suggestion. Nothing is going to happen to the planet, nothing that humans can do anything about anyway.

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OGF it’s definitely humans messing up and destroying animal habitats. Intensive farming, pesticides, plastics in the food chain and the oceans. Burying infinite tonnes of non-biodegradable waste, leaching poisons into the water table, etc. It’s all man-made destruction of our planet. There’s a balance of nature that keeps our flowers blooming and our soil staying fertile. the climate change debate is a distraction from the reality of the mess on the ground.

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The planet is a big…No… Massive place Annie (it appears smaller in the media and on the internet) I fear you are greatly over estimating the situation.

OGF our destruction of animal habitats is on a massive scale. The areas where most animal life thrives is also where humans are taking over.

Massive scale indeed, The deforestation of the Amazon rainforests is running at about 12,000 sq km per year. So that is the area of Yorkshire ripped up every year. Replaced with large fields of soya. And that is just one rain forest…

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Well it hasn’t affected the amount of rain that falls on South Yorkshire, it’s probably just diverted it.
So…Fields of Soya? And the vegies and vegans thought they were saving the planet when in reality they are helping to destroy it.

Well it wasn’t me Annie, and there is nothing we can do about it except wring our hands and let it make us miserable. And anyway, nature will sort it out eventually. Some animals are very adaptable and will learn to take advantage of the situation, others will become extinct. Survival of the fittest and smartist Annie…

You do know that the soya is grown for cattle feed?
What’s the word for someone who has a special aptitude for getting things completely wrong?

No need for that Lincs. The need for Soya has increased to the proportions that we see now in the production of vegan and vegie food products as well as animal feed. The green supporters are always looking for ways to feed the world, and good luck to them, but don’t try and dress it up as something different. It’s the same with ‘Sustainable’ energy production. Nothing in this world is ‘Sustainable’ somewhere along the line there is a cost to the planet, it’s just that it comes with a different currency as with lithium and Soya.

Soya beans can have a negative impact on the biodiverse ecosystems they’re grown in, including areas of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. They’re seen as a threat to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest because farming them raises the price of land around the rainforest, pushing other less lucrative farming practices (i.e. cattle ranching) into the rainforest itself, causing deforestation. Deforestation can lead to the loss of valuable habitats and have a negative impact on communities and workers. The deforestation process is influenced by a number of conditions such as ambiguity over land ownership, illegal land deals, illegal logging, cattle ranching, soya production, and infrastructure expansion.

So in a way, soya has a bigger impact on the environment than methane from animal farts!

Yes growth of soybeans and palm oil are destroying habitats. To me it doesn’t matter whether these are used for livestock feed or veggie diets. Probably quite a large proportion of palm oil is being used as an input to chemical based products including cleaning products, shampoo, beauty etc as well as cakes and other processed foods. So in many products in our supermarkets. It’s also used as a fuel. It’s one of the main drivers of deforestation and we consumers are supporting that every time we buy a product that contains palm oil.

Here is the story of soy from the WWF.

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I have always believed we should pay the countries of the rainforest to preserve them.
Principally The Amazon rainforest .
The world should rent it or better.still buy it .for the good of the planet .
Anyone who has seen the utter devastation of the destruction og the rainforest cannot be but moved ,it’s terrible .
I saw this in Malaysia , saw the huge trees being floated down the rivers .
Saw and travelled through the endless dead plantations of palm oil trees that replaced them ,where nothing lives.