Climate Change is Caused By Humans, Says UN

Errr…not quite…


I too am old enough, but the choking London smog (thick green pea soupers) did not disappear as if my magic. The Clean Air Act of 1956 came into force and that act has been added to/amended over the years.
Clean Air Act 1956: Landmark Air Quality Legislation - EMSmastery

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It was horrific:

Health Effects of the Great Smog

The Great Smog of 1952 was much more than a nuisance. It was lethal, particularly for the elderly, young children and those with respiratory problems. Heavy smokers were especially vulnerable because of their already-impaired lungs, and smoking was common at the time, especially among men.

It wasn’t until undertakers began to run out of coffins and florists out of bouquets that the deadly impact of the Great Smog was realized. Deaths from bronchitis and pneumonia increased more than sevenfold. The death rate in London’s East End increased ninefold.

Initial reports estimated that about 4,000 died prematurely in the immediate aftermath of the smog.

The detrimental effects lingered, however, and death rates remained well above normal into the summer of 1953. Many experts now estimate the Great Smog claimed at least 8,000 lives, and perhaps as many as 12,000.

Aftermath of the Big Smoke

Initially, the British government was slow to act during the Great Smog. Heavy fog was, after all, a common occurrence in London and there was, according to most reports, no immediate sense of urgency to this smog event.

Following a government investigation, however, Parliament passed the Clean Air Act of 1956, which restricted the burning of coal in urban areas and authorized local councils to set up smoke-free zones. Homeowners received grants to convert from coal to alternative heating systems.

The transition away from coal as the city’s primary heating source toward gas, oil and electricity took years, and during that time deadly fogs periodically occurred, such as one that killed about 750 people in 1962. None of them, however, approached the scale of the 1952 Great Smog

Another Tory government shilly-shallied and caused unnecessary deaths - coincidentally, it was that of Winston Churchill, BJ’s hero … :roll_eyes:

Better late than never, though … :neutral_face:


You are mistaken RS, the smog certainly didn’t go away by itself.

Can you not remember the Clean Air Act 1956?

Hypocrites…I love this bloke, he talks sense…

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Now here’s a solution…



He’s correct, of course - the do as we say, not as we do brigade.


It’s a long documentary which aims to make you think differently.

I will look at that in instalments.I’m nearly a vegetarian these days.

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ME also difficult subject on this Forum for some odd reason…I will try and be truthful as I do still enjoy a small quantity of some meats

I don’t know if these points have been made but here goes:

1/ CO2 is 0.04% or 400 parts per million

2/ Of that tiny number, Human made CO 2 is 3%

3/ When CO2 was say 0.06%, plant growth was prolific

4/ When the Cold War ended, many NGO’s found themselves without funding. Some of these latched onto the emerging climate debate & realised they go get a share of the global pot of funds available. They began looking for scientists and a bunch of folks from disciplines like social science re-trained.

Now to get paid they HAD to find warning

5/ One way they ‘found’ warming was by focusing on old weather stations built on edge of towns BUT NOW SURROUNDED BY CONCRETE as towns had expanded

Temperatures around concrete, tarmac and buildings are some 5% higher than green fields

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TRUE. Mankind’s Avarices.
The Earths “Core” Stabilises. Sun & Moon Alignment. = [Pivotal Rotation]
Remove or Relocate. The substances of the Core.[Oil Minerals]
And Earths Poles. Realign. Unnaturally.

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Give me the moonlight
Give me the girl
And leave the rest to me
Give me a shady nook
By a babbling brook
Where no one can see