Christmas Tree, baubles and everything sparkling

Will you be having a Christmas Tree this year?

Or maybe you already have one?

I bought one last year in Sainsbury’s for £15 I believe it was, it was the only one left…I absolutely loved it, i covered it in lights and some pine cones, nothing else.

I will be bringing it down later from the loft ,then assembling it…I LOVE the sparkling lights, I keep it on static, as the constant flickering hurts my eyes…

When will you be putting your Christmas Tree up, that’s if you have one?

Some on YouTube have already started decorating their homes for Christmas :christmas_tree::smiley:

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I have never liked christmas decorations,so i dont bother.
Obviously when my children were at home i made a big effort just for them,but not now.

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I love real Christmas trees! Years ago it was always The Norway Spruce with that lovely resinous smell. Then along came Nordeman trees with their better needle retention.

We put up decorations on the first of December these days so real trees are a no no, it’d look pretty sorry by New Year’s Day. Also used to like the old style glass baubles rather than the cheaper looking plastic variety.

Lead lametta used to be available, no chance of finding it now though.

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My sitting room is quite dark, I hate darkness, I love being in the light…can’t wait to get my tree up…with all them hundreds of lights…:heartpulse:

It will light my sitting room up, I just hope my neighbours don’t think my rooms on fire, that’s how bright they are,:joy:

We’ll probably do what we’ve done for a few years and buy a fresh cut one for around £50 and put it up outside on the patio.

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I have two lollipop bay trees outside the front door I decorated them with lights last year and the wreath on the front door.

That’s as good as my Christmas decorating gets apart from candles.
I gave all my Xmas decs to charity.

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It’s far, far too early to even begin to think about all that. We have a date of early December to put all our stuff up and only because we have a trip away, otherwise I wouldn’t put anything up until mid-December.

Our tree we bought about fifteen years ago for around £150, which is really a 6ft collapsible pipe cleaner and still going strong, although bits of it’s fake snow tend to fall off and is gradually going bald. Although every year I have this habit of adding more fairy lights and “Mrs Graham” likes to buy baubles from the various places we visit when abroad.

Our tree last year…


still got 3 months to go yet ,so why get all excited about Christmas now ?

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Because you are you…who doesn’t get excited for Christmas as it’s to early.

Why for me, because I get excited as soon as I see the Christmas stock in the shops…and I am “ ME” I am not “ YOU”…:grinning::grinning:

Different strokes for different folk…:grinning::grinning:

Love that tree,Graham…I may have to buy new lights because the ones I have are a white cable…it needs to be green, so it blends in with the tree.:grinning:

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Nope, not a Christmasy couple, it’s really just another day on the farm for us. The animals still need to be seen to in the morning and if it’s nice weather wise we sometimes go off with the Clydes for a few hours hack. I hate all the run up to the day, everyone going crazy and the shops packed out, stress on all the faces…Shudder. I’m always glad when the whole darn season is over.

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I am having second thoughts about putting my tree up so early.

I’m thinking about all that dust that will accumulate…it’s not as though I can give it a good dust, with hundreds of lights on it…:joy::sweat_smile:

We have an artificial tree with different colour lights and I will decorate it, but the tree will go up just one week before Christmas and down again after New Year’s Day.

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I don’t put up a Christmas tree until a day or two before Christmas.

I do like to see twinkling lights on gloomy dark evenings, though.

I have some solar powered outdoor fairy lights which I drape around a couple of trees in the garden - one is a conifer and the other is a Holly tree - as they are evergreens, I don’t need to wait until the leaves have fallen but I don’t usually put the lights up until late October.

@pauline3 - if you don’t want to get your tree out so early but want a few twinkly lights to brighten things up as Winter approaches, maybe you could use a few strings of LED battery lights to decorate your staircase or draped around a mirror or make a few lighted decorations to put around your room?

You can often pick up these battery operated fine-wired strings of lights for a few pounds - they often have a timer switch so will come on every evening at the same time for a few hours.

I have a few strings of these - they are easy to wind around a stair banister or a mantle shelf or mirror. I sometimes use lights like this and a few of my Christmas tree baubles in a glass vase or bowl to make a decoration to light up a gloomy corner of a room in Winter. I hide the battery box beneath the other decorations in the bowl or vase.

It’s easy enough to tip them all out once a week to dust and it’s fun to re-arrange them again in a different way!


I don’t do much for Christmas, even less now since being on my own. I’ll probably go to my Daughter & her Partner for Christmas day, but far too soon to think about that yet.

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This will be our Christm

as this year.


And Coco


Lovely,Susie, just been to Wilco, they have some Christmas decorations out, mostly trees, no lights yet, that’s what I’m looking for.

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Its still SEPTEMBER.


Our flipping Tesco had Halloween costumes and other guff out during the Summer Holidays. FFS. :jack_o_lantern: :bat: :unamused: :unamused:

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