Catherine, Princess of Wales having cancer treatment

Kensington Palace said the procedure was planned and successful but the princess is not expected to resume royal duties for months. The palace did not disclose further details about her condition but said it is not cancer-related.

It is clear from the length of time Catherine is expected to stay in hospital and the tone of the statement issued by the palace that her medical condition is serious. The surgery - which took place on Tuesday - was significant enough to keep her in hospital for up to two weeks and it is expected that recuperation could take as long as three months.

Kensington Palace said it would only provide updates when there is significant new information to share.

No doubt there will be much speculation.

Having had abdominal surgery for a serious condition (not cancer) myself, I know that recovery can be painful and lengthy so I wish the lovely Catherine well … :bouquet:


The family rightly ask for privacy so I guess we will never know. And this is a casual observation.

I wish her well.


The first official photo of the Princess of Wales since her abdominal surgery in January has been released by Kensington Palace. The image, taken by Prince William at Windsor earlier this week, shows the princess with her three children. The photo is accompanied by a Mother’s Day message along with a “thank you” from the princess for the public’s “continued support”.

In a message shared on social media, Catherine said: “Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.”

The photo shows the princess sitting down, surrounded by Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Prince George, wrapping his arms around her.

Catherine is, seemingly, on the road to recocery so continuing best wishes to her … :+1:

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Things have moved on and there is now a twitter storm about this photograph. I thought it looked a bit off when I first saw it. Her right hand is blurred, there’s no wedding ring and the hands look a bit strangely positioned in relation to her body. I felt when I looked at it that something about her legs looked unnatural. But it seems it is now thought this might be an AI generated image.

distributed by Kensington Palace, saying they believed it had been manipulated.

Kensington Palace


Several major news agencies have withdrawn an image distributed by Kensington Palace showing Catherine, Princess of Wales, and her children, saying they believe the photo has been manipulated.

The photograph was the first officially released image of the princess since she underwent abdominal surgery in January. The image was released on Sunday along with a message from the princess thanking the public for its support while marking Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom.

The Associated Press noted that “at closer inspection it appears that the source has manipulated the image.”

AFP said it had withdrawn the photo due to “an editorial issue.” The image “may no longer be used in any manner. Please immediately remove it from all your online services,” AFP said.

CNN is reviewing the photo and has reached out to Kensington Palace for comment.

Either that or she has one hand bigger than the other.

More members of the plutocracy to be spoilt and pampered by British taxpayers.

Even worse there is talk of King Charlie visiting Australia, bring on the republic!

you couldn’t make this up! What is going on and where is Kate?

Strange going’s on - all will be revealed eventually.


And I thought I was bad at photoshop… :thinking:


Lovely Family.
“Prince Louis” ? Certainly looks as if, he has reached ‘Puberty’ earlier than most!!

crikey - this will lead to more speculation as to what is really happening

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It’s got me going now, which bits have been edited?

My son reckons they’ve photochopped an old photo of her face onto someone else’s body :rofl:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :zipper_mouth_face:

Why all the speculation ?
Catherine is resting after surgery and not expected to commence royal duties until Easter .

In reading this, and seeing the five circles of “editing”, why would she even edit her neck zipper or the denim jean? Sorry, but the entire thing doesn’t even add up!

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Haven’t people got anything better to do ?
Who cares what a photo looks like .


Now we know. Why. Charlie has kept his Hands in his pockets all these years.
He probably had forewarning of malicious “AI”. :innocent:
Until proven Guilty. :wink:

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A great big fuss over nothing. It was even the lead story in the one’oclock news today on the BBC. No surprise there, they are about as anti-royal as you can get.I always go on Picasa to enchance my photos all the time, so well done Kate, nowt to be apologising for! :georgia:


Exactly right, Muddy. If it were a photo to reassure the public, why would Kate try to alter those little things?

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With Kate on Furlough. Not so popular Camilla. Ever uncomfortable with the pomp and ceremony bit.
Certainly made her mark.
Comfortably familiarising with the oi polis,
shepherd by Fiona Bruce.
At Cornwall’s “Eden Project” “Antiques Road Show”.
Representative Popularity significantly improved.