Brazilian covid variant in the UK

There are two cases in south Glos .
I live in North Wiltshire on the border with S Glos.
Thanks to our useless government allowing people form Brazil in with no checks in mid Feb .

Indded … the carrier is loose:

Brazil variant case in England hunted by officials

Health officials are trying to trace one person in England who has been infected with a concerning variant of coronavirus first found in Brazil.

They are one of six cases of the P1 variant found in the UK in February.

The person did not complete a test registration form so remains unidentified - prompting an appeal for anyone without a result from a test on 12 or 13 February to come forward.

The unidentified England case is not linked to five other UK cases.

Three of those cases are Scottish residents who flew to Aberdeen from Brazil via Paris and London, the Scottish government said.

Holyrood said the three people tested positive while self-isolating. Other passengers who were on the same flight to Aberdeen are now being contacted.

The other two cases in England are from the same household in South Gloucestershire after someone returned from Brazil on 10 February - five days before the government’s hotel quarantine rule came into force.


Michelle Roberts (Health Editor)

The Brazil variant is something officials are worried about because it shares similar mutations to the South Africa variant of concern.

Both have undergone genetic changes that could make them more contagious and perhaps less easy to stop with our current vaccines.

Work is already under way to redesign or tweak the vaccines to make them a better match for “variants of concern”.

These updated vaccines could be ready within months, meaning the UK would have millions of doses ready to give people a booster shot before next winter to make sure the population is protected.

I saw this too, Muddy, and it makes me both anxious and angry. A couple of cases are here in Scotland, because they travelled through different places before arriving here. I just hope the vaccine kicks it to the kerb, and it doesn’t mutate. Total travel lockdown should have been in place from the very start - why allow travel in a pandemic for goodness sake??!

It’s thanks to your “useless government” that you know there are cases.
If you are being sensible and sticking to guidelines you shouldn’t be at any more risk than you were before.

It’s impossible to stop everybody from getting in because the crafty b’s try all sorts of ways to circumvent any restrictions.
I read about them going via the Netherlands etc. first so they could come in, for example.

Unless you can convince the public that a police state is the way to go, there’s not a lot more they can do.
As usual it’s people that are the problem, not the government.
That’s why the police turned away a hundred cars from one beach alone over this weekend; some people don’t care or are idiots & it’s them that are to blame.
You could put all the restrictions you can think of into place and people like this would still ignore them.

Australia and many many other countries have managed it.


Border Control and Illegal Immigration has been decimated.

Pritti is a disaster, all mouth, nothing positive done.

All down to May and Cameron.

We used to have joint working, we caught them, the Police arrested them and they went into detention.

Now they are released on bail and set free to disappear again.

A complete waste of time.

I heard about this yesterday Muddy and it is indeed worrying.

We are about 9 miles away from this area and 5 postcode areas nearby are being asked to take a test.

We are so thankful that we have had the first vaccination as this virus will spread so fast unless they can get it under control.

I can’t start worrying about this as well now.
I think we’ve got enough to contend with, let alone piling on more worries.
We’ve just got to carry on being careful and hope for the best.

Monday morning and just as you think it won’t be long until the end of March and the Stay At Home rule lifted you read this . One more thing to worry about !
Plus people are still going out without masks standing close to each other , I saw pics of groups in London and elsewhere yesterday , a hotel in Liverpool hosting a party over the weekend , Lancashire police have reported people drove to a beach in Formby ,100 cars turned away ! What’s all this about really ?
I feel despondent .
Stay safe people in and near those new areas of concern Gloucester and Scotland .

Health officials are trying to find one person in England who is understood to have used a home testing kit but did not complete a registration form.

Where did the home testing kit come from?

Who was it addressed to?

Simple questions require simple answers.

Isn’t that why the Royal Mail are said to be helping trace ?
Way back when we were allowed to test ourselves out of interest , mine came from Scotland via Amazon .

I think is is very worrying particular as the low figure of infected people quoted is the result of the regular practice of sequencing a proportion of randomly selected tests, there could be more infected people out there.

I have no intentions of dropping my guard any time soon even when I have had the second dose of vaccine.

Who’s saying that? It’s not in the BBC articles … :confused2:

Omah I’ve only read Sky Breaking online this morning .

Here it is at 0812:

Nadhim Zahawi has said that Royal Mail is helping in the effort to track down the person who tested positive for the Brazil variant but did not give their details.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast this morning, the vaccines minister said: “They could have had a home test kit or a test kit provided to them by their local authority. But they didn’t fill in the contact details.”


I feel more angry than despondent.
It is selfish, ignorant people deliberately flouting safety rules who make this situation bad for everyone else, including the innocent ones who do their best to keep safe.

I know it’s only words, but try not to get too despondent, it will only make you feel down, but won’t change a darn thing.

The Scottish cases are people who work in Brazil who returned home. That’s not uncommon in the oil & gas world.

They did nothing wrong - they came back and SI at their employer’s expense and were tested, which picked up the variant. They apparently returned to the UK on 29th January and to my knowledge, there have been no community transmission of the Brazilian variant here in the NE of Scotland so hopefully, it’s been contained.

I don’t think borders will ever be Covid-proof. Both Australia and NZ have had the Kent variant in their countries even with the belt & braces system they have.

Thanks for that Zuleika

Did I misunderstand the hi-lighted part?
Why aren’t people tested before they leave wherever they are to travel back, and again when they arrive here?
Bit late doing it once they’re here, surely?

How can they not understand the rules,that’s what’s making me despondent Mups ? Why drive from Leeds to Liverpool for instance and to visit a beach ?
There’s no sense in that so far as an intelligent people can see .
Across from my home yesterday two women ,not wearing masks , were in and out of it all afternoon purring decorative garden things up outside for a new tenant which added up to three in there ?
I thought support bubbles were one to one ?Maybe I’m wrong ?