Bra Fitting

Can you order your bras online?

I have been in the wrong fitting bra for months,…just put up with it as I had other priorities ,…went for a fitting yesterday,I tell you,absolute bliss,I never realised how uncomfortable I felt,with the other bras!

I think it’s wrong,that because I’m a bigger bra size,I pay the earth for them,£40…how much do you pay?

From one very comfortable member.:lol:

Always get them from M and S I try a lot on and if I find one that is really comfortable I buy two or three.

The last one I bought cost about £20

I don’t buy things like bras on line. Like Muddy I go to M & S, try on and then I will order after that. Fortunately they have kept the style I like for quite a number of years. Just recently I have started buying the soft sports type bras. They are so stretchy as to be able to buy them in small, medium and large. There is not a great amount of support but they are so comfy. The Sloggi bras are the same type of thing and are like wearing a glove.

Cost - the M & S one were £18 last time I bought and the Sloggi I think are a little cheaper, although some of their bras are about £33.

Maybe you pay more for bigger bras 'cos more material/work goes into it… just a random thought… but the main thing, no matter what the cost, is that you’re finally comfortable Pauline :-p

Hope you don’t mind me asking, but a) how’s your heart probs now - I hope you are fully recovered petal - and b) does wearing a bra aggravate the wound area or can it get more aggravated by not wearing a bra, so the danglies drag the wounded skin downwards?

(Sorry to be so basic and nosy :-D, do please feel free to ignore my questions)

BTW I wouldn’t buy one online, I think they need to be tried on, plus I don’t buy anything online anyway. :wink:

Yep, same for me Muddy (to all of your post).

I did get a lovely fitting one from Debenhams once, lasted ages, colour never faded and I have to say it was more comfortable than M & S ones.
Not found one like it since though. :frowning:

I shouldn’t know anything about this subject but I do because I’ve trailed behind Mrs. mart in all the bra shops around as she’d tried to get bras that fit.

She says Bravissimo is the place to go. It’s not a cheap shop but if uncomfortable, it’s worth paying the price …so she says.

Like Marty’s wife, l also go to Bravissimo, they have great bras. You are not measured, the fitter gives you the bra’s she thinks will be right for you. The ones l buy, were £27 each.
I never wear a bra when l am at home as l can’t bear them, l only wear one when l go out.

I’m still a 34B, sometimes C, which I am very happy with as it has defied gravity. But it also seems one of the most popular choices. So online easy to get a good fit but often it’s out of stock in department stores when they have sales. I’ve never been measured, I’d be mortified. Berlei and Gossard have been good fits.

Same here Muddy.
I usually manage to find a good fitting, comfortable one at M&S too. They have a good selection, don’t they.

I hate M&S for bras. That’s where I used to buy them until I realised that they didn’t fit any more. The worst was when they had those padded bras that showed up as a seam line under t-shirts. It’s just like they would sell see through office tops and knitwear that bobbled.

I find Sainsbury’s bras fit me well. Always where underwired ones for go out in - non-wired around the house. Also - they sell cotton ones. Don’t like nylon next to my skin.

Don’t like the current trend in M & S - and other places - for lining bras with nasty half inch thick foam rubber stuff.

Yes,you are right Pesta,this time I have a much fuller bra,the others were balcony bras,from Bravissimo,…I just kept falling out of them,it feels my boobs are getting bigger,or maybe that should be,saggy,:lol:…I would have gone back to them,but I’ve been staying at my sons,so I went to Camp.Hopson,a lovely department store,with its own lingerie department .i also bought a lovely pair of pjs.

Re:heart operation,I am coming along quite well,thank you,I am going to have a heart scan in May,so hopefully the repaired valve is holding out,…I just want to get off of all this medicine,when I see my cardiologist.

Art,my bra is off at the moment,it does feel nice,but it don’t look too pretty!.:lol:

M&S have nice bras,but not my size I’m afraid.

Well I think so :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I don’t need a bra…maybe a “pecs” one :lol:

I hate it when my wife wants to shop for bras and knickers. I feel like such a pervert.
The only thing I like is the “man chair” which is outside the changing room, otherwise what do you do with your eyes? You either look at the floor or at the ceiling tiles:confused:

That’s what being married is all about, sitting outside a changing room with your head in your hands. :slight_smile:

Haha Judd, I don’t need a changing room to do that. I sit there in disbelief at many things :107:

I think all clothes shops should have chairs. Maybe a television to watch too.

M and S camberly used to have a big area with seats and TV .
On Sat it was full of men and boys parked the watching football.
They got rid of it took up too much space I supose .

Guildford is the nearest Bravissimo shop to us. Things tend to take a long time in there but I know the customer service is good and individual, so I’m able go and sit on a nearby seat outside for a while and people watch.

Other places, I have to get bras from hooks that are too high for her to reach. How bad must that look from a distance? :slight_smile: