Boris Johnson says he will leave No 10 ‘with my head held high’ at first PMQs since resignation

That wasn’t meant to be Boris Johnson’s last PMQs. But it sounded as if, mentally, he has already checked out, and as if he has other plans for 12pm next Wednesday. That was one implication of his final answer to Keir Starmer, where he said:

The next leader of my party may be elected by acclamation, so it is possible this will be our last confrontation, it is possible. So, I want to thank him for the style in which he conducted himself. I think it would be fair to say he has been considerably less lethal than many other members of this house. It is perfectly true that I leave not at a time of my choosing, it is absolutely true, but I am proud of the fantastic teamwork that has been involved in all of those projects both nationally and internationally, and I am also proud of the leadership that I have given. I will be leaving with my head held high.

No 10 are saying that Johnson does intend to do PMQs next week. But this did sound very valedictory, and it is possible, of course, that the No 10 press office has not yet been told about the trip to Ukraine, or the mystery bout of Covid, or some other hypothetical that might stop Johnson being PM next Wednesday.

BJ as arrogant and self-serving as ever. No regrets and no remorse for his disastrous and deadly premiership. Good riddance.



Time to bring things to a close and move on to more interesting subjects, such as clipping toe nails.

There is more to life than talking about Boris.


There’s more to come - investigations into his incompetence have yet to be completed … :047:

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Johnson with his head held high?

High on a pike more likely.


I don’t think he can be punished for incompetence, they would need to get him on negligence.

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This is my opinion
Johnson should be gagged and kicked out the back door.

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It’s just more of his arrogance and shows that he still thinks he’s above niceties like right and wrong

If anyone should be hanging his head in shame it’s this despicable man and the fact that he won’t acknowledge that shows just how amoral he truly is

But as long as he really goes, who cares about the position of his head? It’s bound to be up his own butt as usual

I still have a feeling he may try to get back and I won’t be happy until the turd is completely flushed


I didn’t mention punishment.

So, for example:

UK Covid-19 Inquiry Terms of Reference


The Inquiry will examine, consider and report on preparations and the response to the pandemic in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, up to and including the Inquiry’s formal setting-up date, 28 June 2022.

The full document is 3 pages long.

If you need any volunteers to assist with that ……


That’s true. What would you have mentioned had you been speculating on the purpose of the investigations?

The purpose of that investigation is to examine the UK’s response to and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and learn lessons for the future. In the course of establishing what went wrong, and much did, culpability will, hopefully, be apportioned.

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Then what, after culpability has been established?

See above.

Why, have you forgotten, or something?

I’m missing him already.

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That’s for others to decide.

Okay, but I just wondered what the point of investigating him would be if no action were intended to be taken against him.

This thread will keep you informed:


Boris craves attention, good or bad it is what he wants and he thrives on it.

Continually talking about him is what he wants and the more he is in the media the higher his earnings will be when he goes.

He is playing the gallery and laughing.

I wish to deny him of this pleasure’


Nope, out the front in the eyes of the world, walk of shame.