Bit of a fright this morning

Took the dogs out as usual neighbours nasty mastiff/staffie leapt out their window and went for mine… Elsie has a nasty ear wound vet says not to stitch it in case of infection, Betty has a puncture wound under her tummy and top of her back (I thought when this huge dog had her it’s mouth she was dead - she is only 5lb in weight ).

Have reported it again but now considering whether it’s safe to have dogs here. :cry:

What I don’t get is if my dogs cause a nuisance the council can insist we get rid of them so why can’t they see this as a nuisance ?

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Oh Julie how scary for you :frowning: I hope you and the dogs are ok after their horrible experience.

Just too scared to go out again, it’s not fair on my dogs I always have to creep out when I see the coast is clear but if it’s going to come out their bedroom window we stand no chance of getting to the car.

Just discovered it bit me too in all the panic about the dogs I hadn’t seen the bite on back of my leg, so I am off to the hospital to report it and will be ringing the police as I believe a human bite might make them take it more seriously.

I don’t want to see the dog dead but if they can’t keep it safely then I can’t see any other option.

That sounds terrible , What was the owners reaction ?

Oh dear Julie - you do need to report it :frowning:

If a dog is out of control then the owner is liable for prosecution.
As your dogs were on the lead and walking innocently down a
street then a unchained dog who jumps out of a window is
definitely not under control. The owner can be fined and told
to keep the dog on a lead and even have a muzzle.
If its a massive dog and it attacks your small female dogs then it
is definitely not been trained and could even be in dog fights.
Seek information from the local police or ring the RSPCA.
Keep your vets bills and get them to write a statement should
anything else happen. Good luck and so sorry about what happened.

What an awful thing to happen. Please report it . Do hope neighbours are told to muzell the dog

Oh Julie!! I am so sorry to hear this. Yes, do report it, and I hope your wound is not too bad. Poor you! Bet it’s shaken you up.

You can’t spend every day living in fear of this happening again.

That must have been terrifying for you and your dogs Julie. You really must report it and if the authorities are not interested then see a solicitor and take out a private prosecution against them. Also it would be a good idea to take photographs of the wounds on your dogs and yourself. Nobody should have to live with such a fear.

Yes - photos important evidence

What a terrible thing to happen to you and your dogs Julie,I agree with everyone here and what theyve said so far.
Its not right that you should have to live in fear of taking your dogs out for the sake of an inconsiderate neighbour and a dangerous dog.
They most certainly should keep it under control and when outside it should be muzzled!!
I hope you get some joy from reporting it.
:hug:to you and your dogs ,you must be shook up over it all.

Julie, you should have reported it straightaway, both to your local dog warden and the police. Read up on the amended Dangerous Dogs Act and know your rights.
The owner is in trouble if it has bitten you. Don’t let this pass, because next time the injuries could be much worse.
Hope you’re all feeling a bit better now.

Your poor little dog Julie, must have been terrified.

What did the Owners say about their dog attack?

What a frightening episode for you Julie, I do hope that you are all OK now and that the situation can be somehow resolved to prevent any recurrence.

Julie, you poor thing, that must have been terrifying for you. I hope you do report your neighbour as that dog is a menace. What if you had had a child with you? it doesn’t bear thinking about.
I hope your little dogs will be okay, it must be so upsetting for you.

I would definitely tell you to report it. Especially with small dogs the law should be on your side. I’ve been on both sides, Sophie is dog aggressive, but I would never let her get loose to attack anyone. She’s been attacked as well. Do they allow pepper spray where you are? You have the right to protect your doggies and yourself.

Big or small makes no difference if a dog is aggressive and out of control, which this one was the owner is accountable.

You should report it not just for your own safety but also for other people.

What a horrid experience for all three of you. How are you all this morning ?

In this country you’re not allowed to raise your voice let alone protect yourself. :mad2:

How are things today Julie ?