Biden Upsets The French LOL

Oh Dear,

Creepy Joe has just upset the French. Not doing great among his so called allies.

Reported here as well on Guido.

I have heard or seen one report of what the Australian people think of their government spending billions of dollars on nuclear submarines?

@MrFraggle67 Well the Ozzie’s on this forum seem to be very concerned
about the doings of the Chinese Mr Fraggle ?? So are they in the minority ?
Perhaps the new deal doesn’t involve the australians spending any dollars
at all ?? :thinking:

@Donkeyman lost me here. :grinning:

But as for the spending dollars I think you will find the price to be around 90b Aussie dollars.

I think we’ve got a couple nearing the end of their shelf life. Do a Del Boy and flog em off cheap. :smiley:

It’s nice to see that the Australians are moving back toward their alliance with the UK and America. It stands to reason that they, and I believe in time many more countries, will see the French as untrustworthy.
The Aussies are not stupid and they, and in fact the whole world, must have seen how the French are behaving toward us ever since we had the temerity to leave their control of us under EU membership.

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When you say the French are untrustworthy…does that mean as a whole Country or are you meaning to say Politically JBR… that would be the same as saying Boris is a great Prime Minister or any other cock and bull story out there…
Words don’t they come easy…
Hey what other Country takes so much ‘‘shi*e allegedly’’ from the UK. wow the Media is such a great source of information…hate compaigns via the Media are so easily done…
Peace on You…or similar

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No, I’m sure there must be some decent people living in France.

However, certainly the politicians, the fishermen (who seem to think that they still own our territorial waters) and no doubt the French media all come across as being anti-British.
I suppose that is only to be expected, for two obvious reasons:

  • we, their cash cow, have left their control and obliged them to somehow create their own financial benefits;
  • I believe they are still upset about how we, throughout history, have embarrassed them by beating them in almost every conflict we have had with each other!

(Please note that nowhere in this polite dissertation have I used the word Grenouille, in English!)


We have to differentiate here.

Your average French person is absolutely lovely if you try to speak French to them.

They appreciate it and will help you out.

That is why I like France so much.

The French Government and Civil Servants of high rank are pillocks,

I have dealt with them for years

The rest of the French are great, they appreciate my appalling accent, Yorkshire and French are very difficult companions.

They do however appreciate me trying.

Great times in France, the average person is as annoyed as we are with Politicians, but they do know how to protest.

When we visited our (English) friends in their small house in the Loire valley several years ago, I remember we went boating.
Some of the French girls seemed to be quite amused by my knotted handkerchief on my head, in the style of Monty Python’s Professor Gumby, so they do have a sense of humour.


Upsetting the French is not always a good idea.

“Nasty” Nancy Pelosi?
She’s as bad as Biden.
No sensible person heeds her.

I’m not bothered about a US-UK deal. In fact, I’m growing rather tired of America trying to dictate to us. They may not have noticed, but we are now an independent country.
If they don’t particularly like it, they can take all their military assets from our country and try to get some other country to let them base their military there instead.
I’d also suggest that we could manage quite easily to avoid involving ourselves in their military excursions in the South China Sea and elsewhere.

Actually, I’m not sure from that article what connection there is with us upsetting the French, though I’m not particularly averse to that anyway! :rofl:

Neither Biden or Pelosi understand the GFA or the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Biden always plays up to his 50% Irish heritage but never mentions his 50% English heritage. There again, funding the IRA through NORAID is something he might want to keep quiet about.


The thing about upsetting the French is quite simple.

Firstly, they have our Border in France.

Six months notice and we are out and the Border is in the UK.

Secondly, they are under no obligation at all to sell us electricity.

They can cut it off tomorrow if they want.

It would hurt us far more than it would hurt them.

Third, our new nuclear power stations are due to be built by a Chinese/French Consortium.

They can just pull out if they want.

As regards,the USA, we have to take our Trident missiles for routine maintenance to the USA.

We are also reliant upon them for targeting.

Last, but not least, we have no surveillance satellites, we only have communication satellites.

We are reliant on the USA.

The French hold the Aces on this one.

I wouldn’t have bothered answering but in fairness much of your post is a bit extreme and deserved to have the improbabilities pointed out.

There’s a considerable difference between doing some British immigration checks on French soil and having an actual border in France.

We’re under no obligation to buy from them either and I’m sure the Dutch would love to sell us more electricity than we already buy from them, not to mention that Ireland imports between 8% and 10% of their electricity from us in the UK. See below.

Tell that to the Irish when we flick the “off” switch and tell them that it’s because of their French pals.

We could just kick them out if we want.
Or even just confiscate it as a damages payment.
We would certainly not be inviting them to build more.

Oh no they don’t.
That’s why they’re spitting feathers.


We will have to see who is right on this one.

I can quite accept that I may be wrong, that is life.

I would point out my posts from years ago when I was removed from negotiating with the French for being to aggressive.

Here’s what Daniel Hannan thinks as covered in the comments section of The Telegraph for those that are able to access that:

" France, after all, is one of the few countries in the world capable of projecting global naval force, and has significant territories in the Pacific. Why was it not considered a core ally?

Much of the answer has to do with Macron’s bellicosity towards Britain over the past four years. Again and again, he strained the patience of other EU leaders by picking fights even when there was no European interest at stake. From military satellites to the Irish border, he took up needlessly hardline positions for their own sake.

His objection to equivalence in financial services has arguably hurt EU firms more than it has London banks. His petulant questioning of AstraZeneca’s efficacy fuelled vaccine hesitancy in Africa, and almost certainly caused needless deaths.

On two occasions, first during the Brexit talks and then during the fisheries clash with Jersey, he threatened to cut off cross-channel electricity supplies – the kind of aggression we associate with Vladimir Putin. None of these things, to phrase this as gently as I can, is the act of a reliable ally."


Liz Truss has now weighed in.

All good and well, but not a sensible thing to do.