Betting Odds On The Next Tory Leader

Most Popular Bets

Rishi Sunak (5/1)
Liz Truss (8/1)
Jeremy Hunt (11/1)
Penny Mordaunt (5/1)
Tom Tugendhat (12/1)

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I had to look up Tom Tugendhat…not a name I’m familiar with. :thinking:

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That sounds disgusting!

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Sleepy Joe Biden?

Please …not that Liz Truss woman…


My MP is Ben Wallace and he’s in with a shout at 8/1 … :neutral_face:

He can battle it out with Liz then…!

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Just for fun.
Prince Andrew is out of a job,maybe he could in stand for Javid or Sunak,he would sweat it out.

Sir kier starmer

I quite like Kwasi Kwarteng to replace my previous choice of Michael Gove. I dumped Gove after it became common knowledge he had been parking his bike elsewhere😲
To me, anyone in public office must adhere strictly to their marriage vows!


I would accept Dominic Rabb, Sanjit Javid or possibly Nadhim Zahawi as PM - maybe Sunak. We shall see. Boris might yet get away with it.

Erm…it would have to be Jesus Christ cos He wouldn’t tell
any lies…I fink! :innocent:

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Whomsoever takes the job on will be on to a hiding to nothing. It’ll have to be a known dinosaur as there is far too much coprolite in and around the Commons🤬

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Well I don’t like any of them and will not be voting any more, but I bet Alien faced Michael Gove will get in, which would be a mistake.

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Nicola Sturgeon

Ha ha…She wouldn’t…even if She could :smiley:
Wee Nicola’s on Her road out as well I’m afraid,
I give Her 18 months at most before She resigns.

She’s a spring chicken.

or there’s something disturbingly chickenlike about her.

Really? I know BJ refused her a second Indie referendum, but I thought she would have another go with whoever took his place?

“I’m in the fortunate position of having been in politics for a long time, I’m not about to give it up, but when I do I will hopefully still be relatively young.”

Ms Sturgeon said she has no plans to step down anytime soon, as she told the panel she will continue until the public do not want her to.

It’ll be up to the People of Scotland whether she stays or goes…but…IMO…there won’t be another independence ref’…but if there is…She won’t win…so She’ll resign.

oops…off topic…sorry.


I quite fancy David Davis for PM, he spotted this Boris thing a long time ago, and on GB news with Nigel tonight he mentioned some good policies that he would further, including removing the VAT off fuel. I thought ‘What a decent chap for a tory’…

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