Beautiful nails

You see a lot of lovely nails now-days. Well manicured, polished with awesome colours.

I can’t wear nail polish as my nails are always splitting and breaking. I am a hard worker so I am always doing things that are hard on the hands and nails.

Is it hard to tell who has artificial nails and who have their own?

I would love to have beautiful nails, but I don’t think it will ever happen. I hate to see people biting their nails. My mom used to do that, and I would always tell her to stop…

Do you bit your nails?
Do they grow easily?
Do you paint them?

(I think short stubby nails look horrible if they are painted)

I do take care of mine ’ I clean them and file them ’ I have loads of nail colours ’ into winter colours atm ; dont like hooked nails -or false ones - keep mine medium length ’ and toe nails all the same colour …

Maddy do you do it all yourself or do you go to have them professional done sometimes? :smiley:
(I love the colours they have these days)…

I’m afraid I’ve never done pretty things with my nails, not my thing really.

I have always been around animals and livestock - sheep/goats/poultry and horses in my younger days - or busy growing things/gardening, so pretty nails would be useless, as well as quickly ruined.

I keep mine clean, and filed, and that’s about it. Sorry ladies. :slight_smile:

Hi and good morning Blue…I have in the past had mani’s and pedi’s at the salon and loved every, pampering, moment of it. :049: However, since hubby’s accident and having to pay for two dwellings…I’ve needed to become frugal and give up some things, that aren’t essentials… I don’t mind though, it’s easy enough, to do my fingernails and toenails all by myself… :lol: with a steady hand…but NOT always…

Hi Filly,

Yes, I can remember when you used to get manis and pedis a lot, in fact, I think it was you that convinced me to try it one year. I love having a pedi because my toe nails are good, but I only had a mani that one year…:hug: Have a good day Filly…I am off now.
See ya on the flip side! :049:

Oh yes, Blue…the pedi is my favourite and my nails are in good shape too. :slight_smile: It probably was me that talked you into trying it…

You have a good day too, Blue…:hug:

My nails haven’t been quite the same since I was ill, but I do like a nice blue or green nail polish on finger nails and toe nails.

Hi Julie, I too like the blues and greens.

Funny you should say that (about Illness)…I have been wondering why I have such a hard time growing my nails, they always crack and break. Must be like you say here, it is because I have been so ill for the last to years. I didn’t make the connection, so thanks Julie, for bringing that thought forward…

Blue X

I like Essie nail polish in a very pale pink , I do them myself and the colour lasts ages.
I used to go the nail bar ,but haven"t bothered much lately

I trained in professional manicures and pedicures years ago , I still do them and have a few clients even now . In fact I look after their feet better than I look after my own . I have painted nails today , not always of course because if I’m doing a client my own nails get ruined . I have long fingernails which are very strong. I don’t use gellish I believe it’s bad for the nails as it is a plastic and the nails can’t breath , I use OPI professional the old fashioned polish , it doesn’t last like gellish on the hands but does last 6 or 7 weeks on the feet .

I do feel more feminine when my nails are painted Im wearing purple today.

I like the nail berry brand Nailberry - Award winning non toxic breathable nail polish they don’t test on animals vegan friendly.

I do love to see beautifully painted nails ,I used to paint mine all the time but lately ive let that slip.

During holidays we do Gracies nails she likes a bit of nail art, crystals and pictures. We get her friends mum who does it professionally to do them for her, my shaky hands are no good for the tiny movements you need for that.

The nail art is very clever and it looks so pretty too ,I love all the crystals/pictures …

I do my own nails about twice a week

They are never 100% perfect as they take a battering in work so there are often little bruises or fine splits. Right now my left thumb nail is extremely short as I managed to cut the nail in half down the middle a few weeks back :frowning:

I find keeping them polished really helps protect them. I always use a base and top coat of Hard as Nails

I love blues and greens and really deep reds. Today I have a very pale pink which has a mother of pearl look about it so you can see blues and purples in it when the light catches them

I never have fake nails, just work with what I have

I find cotton gloves under rubber gloves protects my nails better at work, the polish certainly lasts longer.

Thats exactly what I do Julie. Helps keep the hands warm as well :slight_smile:

A lot of nice posts on her, thanks :slight_smile:

Would anyone be able to suggest to me, something that would make my nails in better shape? they split and they are so fragile.

I have verticle lines in my nails. I don’t know why.

Mine are pretty bad as I said since I was ill I think the chemo harmed them, but I have started taking a vitamin course aimed at hair and nails, it was quite expensive I thought but Nathan insisted he would treat me, and I think 2 weeks into the course I can see a slight improvement. The new nail seems to not have as many ridges and I’m hoping that means less splits.