Back again

I flounced off this forum some time ago as I was fed up with it. I have decided to give it another go and see how long I last this time!:mrgreen:

Hello Tarantula :slight_smile: welcome back!


Good Morning and welcome back darlin’

Hello again Tarantula :slight_smile:

Welcome back tarantula.
I know how you feel though, as I have done the same before now.
I am also in the ‘how long will it last’ mode, particularly as the summer is almost here.
After all T.
There are roses and coffee to smell out here in the real world.:smiley:

I do accept that there are lots of very nice flowers in this forum I like to sniff.;-):smiley:
Best avoid the thorns though!:-p:lol:

So why exactly did you leave last time ?


I left as I was fed up with some of the comments. I belong to a number of forums and flounce off from time to time when I have had a enough.

So do lots of people so why the ‘big production’ about returning ?

That is probably the sort of remark that made her leave.

It’s getting like musical chairs on here.

Welcome back from me.

Love that word ‘flounced’. Brings to mind a party frock with lots of layers made out of satin and lace with layers and layers of underskirts :smiley:

Welcome back Tarantula

Come to think of it you were probably one of the posters who irritated me.

Your turn next then???

I don’t see it as a ‘big production’ about returning, Malcolm … anyone who leaves the forum for a while is welcomed back. :slight_smile:

Ditto! :smiley:

Ditto! :smiley:

I like musical chairs Morti. :smiley:

Sorry to disappoint you Stalin … but not yet, not for the foreseeable future.