Assisted suicide ! The right/to Die

Isn’t that all the more reason to have checks and balances in a legal framework so it can happen but can’t be abused?

Checks and balances are more likely to ensure it will be abused Bruce. Once it’s made legal there are many ways to circumnavigate the law and the rules. At least now it’s black and white and the taking of someones life for whatever reason is illegal, but it still happens.
However, under certain circumstances I believe that it should be possible to end the pain but I don’t know how that could be done without changing the law. In the end though, it’s not my decision and It never will be. The establishment will carry on changing the law and making decisions on my behalf without my approval.

We have checks and balances on all sorts of things now - saying that makes it more likely to be abused doesn’t make sense, that isnt how anything works

I think you must be so naive not to think that rules will never be broken and checks not circumnavigated. If that were the case there would be no fraud or criminal activity…

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I do agree with it, provided the person who wants it, is fully clear about what it entails and they aren’t being coerced into it.


I didnt say that.

by that logic you would have no rules about anything because people might circumnavigate them

That is a good argument for making sure checks and controls are tight and are monitored (which nobody is arguing against) - not for not having something at all.


France is pushing forward now to allow assisted dying…strict conditions would be in place.

Macron announces bill allowing ‘aid in dying,’ under ‘strict conditions’

In an interview with two newspapers, President Emmanuel Macron announced legislation to allow eligible patients to administer a lethal product, alone or with assistance.

Le Monde with AFP

Published on March 10, 2024, at 7:17 pm (Paris), updated on March 10, 2024, at 7:52 pm

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France’s President Emmanuel Macron said a bill on assisted dying would go before parliament in May, speaking in an interview published Sunday, March 10.

Only adults with full control of their judgment, suffering an incurable and life-threatening illness in the short- to medium-term and whose pain cannot be relieved will be able to “ask to be helped to die,” Macron told newspapers La Croix and [Libération](

Minors and patients suffering from psychiatric or neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s will not be eligible, he said.

It’s not logic July, it’s a fact…How about Dr Howard Shipman? and lots of others just in the medical profession. Policemen who have murdered and raped victims. Airline pilots who commit suicide with a plane load of passengers…The list is endless. How do you stop the odd person slipping through your net of checks and controls July? All I’m saying is, checks and controls will not stop the occasional greedy family member from apparently abiding by the law and fixing it for the wealthy uncle Stan to be put to sleep…? Except it will be legal.

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No it wouldn’t. Murder is still murder.

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How could you prove it?
Assisted suicide wouldn’t be classed as murder should it be made legal Bruce…

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What is a fact?

That controls can have people slip through them?

I dont dispute that - but it is an argument to have controls as tight as possible, not to disallow the thing at all

whatever the thing is - gun ownership, medication controls, tax avoidance, VAD, whatever


Exactly OGF
It Seems like your banging your head against a brick wall on this thread !

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Thanks Cosmos. Some people put their complete trust in the establishment, which wouldn’t be so bad if that trust was reciprocated…

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I wish he would

Most new policies/laws… whatever, they are will attract a few sad individuals the percentages are always low…so you stop these essential new policies for a few freaks…
small percentages, then you follow as the bench mark of your NARROW views, People then can die in devasting circumstances, because you spout off the odd balls of this world

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some of us feel same way. We are banging our heads against brick wall.

Nothing would ever change with anything if we took the line that it might not be totally perfect.

Have you heard the saying ‘dont let perfect be the enemy of good’ - in other words don’t stop a good thing just because it isnt 100% perfect - make it as perfect as possible.

I am happy with the criteria we have here and the option for people to take VAD who meet that criteria.

I think the liklihood of it being misused is being vastly over stated by those who want to use that as a reason not to have it at all.
.The good far outweighs that hypothetical risk.

And yet all the people you quoted have been caught.

Yep the ones you know about.
And some of them had already done the damage.
Stable door springs to mind.

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Unnecessary… :009:

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… and extremely nasty!