Assisted suicide ! The right/to Die

What Are your feeling on this !!

Do you think it it should be our choice in life

We don’t get a say in being born , or dying ……!

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I think it should be allowed in cases of terminal illness, with no hope of recovery, the patient is suffering terrible pain and has no quality of life and, of course, it is absolutely their own choice


Having seen my late father who was about 14 stone dying of cancer, going into just a moving skeleton that didn’t even have the strength to open his mouth, even for a sip through a staw. ,Yes definately agree with assisted death but not suicide. If it wasn’t for me committing murder I would willingly helped him pass on. I would not wish anyone watching something like this in his last few days. It was an experience I would not like to see again.
My Mother died just 6 months later with cancer, but this time in a hospice where the pain was subdued using a perminant drip feed into her body.
If that was not bad enough at the same time my wife “Sue” was having a threatened miscarriage. Life back then was hell on earth and the only thing that really save me from cracking up was the the eldest son and wat would happen to him.

That time was the darkest days of my life and I would not wish it on anyone

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Absolutely support assisted dying . We help our beloved pets and it is the purest gift of love .

I saw my dad in his last hours and asked nurse to give me something to help him cross over , of course she refused . I would have helped him and handed myself in after . Its humane and loving to help them gently on .

Absolutely support this act of love


Definetely yes! Living / not living should be ones own decision.



with controls.

ie person must be of sound mind and be having a terminal illness with no realistic chance of recovery and poor quality of life.
2 doctors to verify above.


My Bestest Friend had Cancer and she suffered so much our third joint friend was a carer and she nursed her with medical help of course for the last few days of her life…she slept though at least 23 hours via drugs…Her Husband who was not what I had believed he was anymore said to me on the phone one night…You want to see her then this is your last chance…I could not go… I needed to remember her as she was…is that a bad thing…they should have stopped her suffering before now for sure…

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Yes most definitely! Having seen more than enough terminally sick and dying people, and not always elderly people over the years being kept alive when there was no hope, including my own father and brother there is no way I want that to happen to me or any of my loved ones. The choice should be ours.


I say that if a new law came in to allow assisted dying

3 doctors will need to see the patient individually and each doctor to agree the patient will not recover. Then and only then can the drug be administered . By having 3 opinions this brings in a safety net .

Its cruel and inhumane to allow suffering of another soul when all know they will never be well healthy and pain free again :pray:


We would never stand by and watch our much loved pets suffer and die in pain so why should we do that to our relatives


I don’t think you will ever get 3 doctors to agree. There will always be one who opposes.

By and large society seems to have acknowledged that life should mean a half decent quality of life - and forcing someone to continue until a painful illness finally does away with them becomes a cruelty. My own mother probably, in her assessment, lived 12-18 months longer than she would have preferred. Those last months were nothing, confused, sometimes painful, sometimes humiliating, wasting and wasteful. A planned passing would have been better for her and her family.


Are we talking assisted suicide as the header suggests, or are we talking euthanasia?
I would say no to assisted suicide, it’s more a mental thing, because people can see no solution to their predicament they decide ending their life is the only way out. However, what we think today will have changed in a couple of days, weeks, months time, and will be glad they didn’t jump off that bridge.
Euthanasia is happening right now, I have witnessed it twice personally…But I won’t go into the details. Euthanasia is technically illegal, but it does happen and people don’t talk about it because it is illegal, and I agree. Making it law would only complicate things. No matter how bad things got for a loved one I could not take their life, to live with that would be unbearable, but some random medical person doing the deed with medication would be acceptable…And was acceptable.

Voluntary assisted dying is not illegal where I live, subject to controls as in this link -

it is assisted suicide for people who can see no way out of their predicament - because there is no way out of it and that has been verified by 2 doctors.

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I would have to put myself in the situation of being told that i have a terminal illness. It would give me peace of mind to know i have ‘other options’.

Members of my close family never had that option - i know for a fact they would have welcomed it.

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I agree with Assisted dying 100%.
Why suffer,and why make your family suffer watching you in so much pain.


Having been a nurse all my life and witnessed some patients dying horrific deaths I am 100% in favour of assisted dying .


So sorry to hear of your sad time realspeed ! Hugsss

There are loads of documentations to get signed , even tho the drs know that you are dying ,

I had a friend who had MND , and was locked in his own body ,
But after months , he got the green light from Zurich,

He couldnt fly , so his son, bought a motor home and travelled the distance

, plus he had to administer the lethal drug , which as it happened ,he had a peg drip inserted months before ,so it was allowed to go though that !!

The whole family’s last days together were very happy ones , as he smiled as he said his goodbyes ….

As i said in my post susan ,
There are lots of obstacles, and refusals , and agreements , it goes into many drs , and hosp appointments
I think if that had been me , i would of told my partner to give up,
Buy my friends , had to keep going , as he was getting so ill .

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