Are You, Or Do You Know, A Narcissus?

The definition of a Narcissus:-

"Symptoms may vary from person to person. The most common symptoms include:

  • Being overly boastful, exaggerating one’s own achievements

  • Pretending to be superior to others

  • Lack of empathy for others

  • Looking down on others as inferior

  • Monopolising conversations

  • Impatient, angry, unhappy, depressed or has mood swings when criticized

  • Easily disappointed when expected importance is not given

  • Always craves for “the best” in everything

  • Has a very fragile self-esteem

I know one, although he is not exactly the same, in fact he has two more characteristics, than those listed!

Yes, I know one or two … :wink:

One FM in particular, no longer with us, had all those characteristics … :thinking:

Sorry I can’t quit thinking about myself long enough to answer. :rofl: :rofl:


Yes, I worked with one or two who fit that bill.

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I think we all know a few people like that!

I think most of us have a touch of some of those characteristics but we’re not narcissists

True narcissists can be incredibly manipulative and destructive without any feeling for other people, like psychpaths

And you also get covert narcissists who appear shy, sensitive and modest but are just as manipulative and attention seeking


These sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, I’m fascinated by how they work and what made them that way

Have you ever heard of Prof Sam Vaknin? He’s a narcissist himself and some of his YouTube videos give really good insight

There used to be one who graced this forum and thankfully does no more. I won’t mention any name of course but I’m guessing some may know who I am referring to. Used to right get on my pips. I wonder if I’m in trouble now :crazy_face:


I can think of one who graced another forum well graced is not the right word .:slight_smile:

I think that I’m thinking of the one that you’re thinking of … :thinking:

Then again, you’ve made me think of another one … maybe it’s that one … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I know one from another forum and he’s still there.

Naughty, now you’ve got us all wondering…….

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The person with those traits that immediately springs to mind dominated the world stage for 4 years. No longer, thank goodness.

I don’t personally know anyone with pathological narcissism.

I think there are different levels of narcissism - humans are all in different places along spectrum of narcissism (plus a variety of other personality traits) - some people are at the more extreme ends of the spectrum than others - some are so extreme, their behaviour is pathological.

Yes . Sadly narcissist traits can be inherited. If you have one in the family look back through the family you’ll see it .

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Your traits are your beast of burden, never force them on others, if your unforced behavior traits causes another distress, that is their problem, not yours, some folks zone in on negative, just to proposify.


No comment

Your true colors shining through, like a rainbow.

I have known a number of people who fit the typical narcissist behavioural pattern, some in my extended family. They have all, without exception, ticked all boxes for the five signs of narcissism which I read some time ago, namely:

Emotional insecurity
Extreme sense of entitlement
Pathological lying
Blaming other people or circumstances for their own problems
Arguing like a five year old.

Thankfully, those I mentioned from my extended family are in-laws, not directly related to me.

Unfortunately, I fear we may not have heard the last of him yet :scream:

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Well changed. :icon_wink:

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Allowed to change being the village idiot

These people are more common than we think. The Covert Narcissists are the worst.