Are You Addicted to


Apart from smoking I don’t think I have ever been addicted to or very passionate about anything.

My hobbies I do enjoy, these have changed over the years but I wouldn’t describe any of them as a passion. I do have moments of pleasure when I achieve something but it is a passing thing and I move on. Contrast this with friends to whom, almost literally,for example, “music is their life” or all their spare moments are taken up with their train set. I just don’t get that sort of all embracing enthusiasm.

Drugs? I think over that last three quarters of a century - hash, heroin, mandies, barbs, acid, purple hearts, black bomber, dexys, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol are all things I have tried and enjoyed, sometimes for years, but never been addicted. Even today I must admit an interest in trying Ecstasy but unless it comes to me I am no more than curious - my doctor supplies all the drugs I need.

As for religion, after going to church for years as a child it never made any sense to me, some omnipotent “creator” seemed so absurd and unlikely that by the time I reached my teens atheism was the only course that seemed natural.

Unlike being a reformed smoker atheism is not a religion or a philosophy that I follow with any fervour, it is just a fact about which I have the same enthusiasm as knowing the colour of my eyes.

Possessions are nice but I don’t feel any great pride in having them however I am a bit of a hoarder and have great trouble throwing anything away. Having stuff is useful but hardly more than that.

The nearest I get to a passion is travel and visiting new places but apart from trips to the ACT to visit my kids I really haven’t been anywhere for almost a year

How about you? Are you addicted or excited by your possessions? Way of life? to drugs? hobbies? crafts etc? What would make you get out and demonstrate about?

What is your passion or addiction? or don’t you have any?


extremely addicted to living - for it to end one day may be ; could be catostrophic - no advise reqd thanks!

I am addicted to learning. Am fascinated by the process the brain has to go through to absorb new knowledge. When I left full time education I promised myself I would learn something new every year - and I have. Sometimes it has been academic, sometimes Arty Crafty, sometimes just for fun. Always have to have something on the go or I have withdrawal symptoms!


To wake up each morning and having done so, establish that my mind is still my own :ok_hand:


Well done you .
I have belatedly started to paint properly and wished I had done it earlier ,
So trying new techniques is interesting .

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Good post Bruce.
Just three addictions I can think of…
Smoking for 35 years but a heart attack in 2004 put a stop to that, and running which I can’t live without and am finding it so difficult now I’ve had to stop. Well, almost. I can manage a few short bursts while out walking.
I’ve never taken drugs of any kind except those prescribed by the doctor, and even then I take them reluctantly. I’ve never liked alcohol, and only had a drink just to be sociable and part of the in crowd in my younger day. I was glad when I could drive, and it provided me with good excuses in the past not to have a drink. Although these days I’m quite partial to a glass of red with my sunday dinner.
You don’t want to know about my third addiction…


I am not convinced that continuing to live is an addiction. An addiction is something that is difficult to give up or do without whereas dying is the only certainty that everyone has.

Everybody probably knows stories about the fragility or uncertainty of life and how quickly and surprisingly it can end.

At best a longer life is an ambition.


You call it what you like, but to me with my tenacity, it’s an addiction!

No, I don’t think I’ve got any real addictions

I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth and sometimes I really crave chocolate or something sweet

And if I miss my cold water swimmings I start getting a bit depressed and tetchy and my minor arthritis paints start coming back

Alcohol, I can take or leave, drugs, I’ve used cannabis but again, can take it or leave it

When I broke my shoulder, I did get a bit of an addiction to codeine. I started looking forward to the little high and tranquil feeling it gives you and taking it for the feel good factor when I wasn’t in pain

It wasn’t hard to give up once I realised, though

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I think OGF has hit the nail on the head once again.

Living is great, dying is to be avoided as long as possible.

Dying can be very painful.

I have no fear of death however.

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I gave up smoking for two reasons, I was puffed after chasing my kids and secondly the price of 20 fags was approaching $1 a packet. Fortunately there was no health scare even though I was a heavy almost chain smoker.

As for alcohol, yes I have always liked it, from drinking a bottle of vodka at every party in my late teens and 20s, which included the stage where it was necessary to hang on to a spinning bed to stop being thrown off, to now where binge drinking is four to six schooners on a rare night out. However I have never felt the need for a drink and at all stages have gone days or weeks between drinks.

Come to think of it I probably drink more often now than my more excessive past because on a hot day there is nothing nicer than a stubbie of beer after a sweaty walk and a shower but one or even two is quite enough. For example I had one stubbie with my BBQ lunch today however I am afraid wine is something I have never enjoyed.

Living is just something I take for granted, I am neither tenacious about it nor addicted to it, for me it is something that just happens. I guess that could change.

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I am addicted to stroking every dog in the village, I just love them.


Are you related to my granddaughter susie? :wink:

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Food wise love Dulce de leche if I weaken and but s jar it’s gone in about three days .

Yes probably Bath, I annoy my husband by keep stopping and stroking.

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Haven’t tried half those drugs on your list @Bruce

But Hash … I smoked regularly for 20 something years. I wasn’t addicted to it, but to the tobacco I mixed it with. And I think I was aware of that addiction at the time.

I’m not aware of any addictions now.

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The only thing I can think of is my curiosity…it has been my driving force all of my life. If I can learn something new, a DIY project, why a machine works, how to shingle a roof, shoot billiards, make greeting cards…I make it a point to learn something new every single year.

But, I don’t carry on with the same thing over the years. Once I have absorbed the info, I look for a new stimulus.


I am addicted to my daily dose of Sudoku and as many high level quiz shows as I can find. As for drugs - nah, only the ones the doc prescribes for me and those I can buy over the counter.

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Are you my long lost twin? :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:

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@Bruce, Not true that you have no addictions Brucy?
Your life depends on having plenty of gadgets and tech available at all times!
How many fridges , computers, generators etc do you own ??
Donkeyman! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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