Are you a bit of a rebel? Do you get involved with protests?

In this world anything is possible.
In 2018 if I told you that a virus was going to shut down world economies, kill hundreds of thousands of people, and you would would be a prisoner in your own home and restricted from venturing out, would you have said I live in Cuckoo land then? Probably!

Well, one will always know what the time is in Cuckoo Land :icon_wink:

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Quite a different scenario Foxy and your just using an avoidance tactic again…the Tomatoes or lack of Tomatoes now for years from Guernsey…nothing what so ever to do with the EU…guess if its still nothing to do with the EU you would still blame them for anything that you can make something up from…course you would…

just maybe you will learn to stop your tales and learn how to read real facts… one day I don’t believe that is possible unless you go for a brain transplant… :open_mouth:

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So unnecessary :009:

I’m quite sure that the EU will survive despite my detrimental posts on the forum Dianne…

At least I have more idea how bad the EU can be also…nothing is purrfect in the world apart from us Femmes of course… :clown_face:

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No need for Brain Transplants, a Doctrine Appointment should be enough.

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The closest I get to protesting is with music and this one comes to mind …take it away Dee :+1:

I am a very vocal protestor, yes. If its something I believe in, then I take my placard, my whistle and get my shouty voice activated!


I’m very passionate and vocal about human rights and I will protest.

I’ve never actively been involved in protest marches though.

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I’ve been involved in a few local ones, marching and yelling down the street…stopping traffic and things. The last major one I was involved with was the Iraq war. Kindof scary because the police corralled us all into a corner, and I had a bit of a panic thinking we would never get home!


Protest marches tend to get a bit violent or out of hand here. Sometimes there’s skirmishes with the authorities. I worry about my safety as a single mother and there’s an exclusion on insurance policies (including mine) that there’s no payout if you’re injured or die as a result of participating in protest action.

Read your policy exclusions carefully

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I shall be making waves very soon…Watch the CNN News next month…

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Wow! That is pretty scary, Minx…so effectively you really cannot allow yourself to show your opinion. I guess that’s one way of control :roll_eyes:


Oh you tease…why are you going to be on the news? Wait…waves = sea = swimming

Don’t tell me you are going to swim the Channel!!

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no tis a very serious issue and the payback is taking place in segments right now!

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Ohhh right! Well its sounding like a proper thriller (given I’m reading them at the moment), so I hope it all works out in your favour! :+1:

Oh no! Not another conspiracy theory… :roll_eyes:

I was involuntarily witness to a violent protest by the National Front on 23 April 1979. We had taken our two sons (aged 8 and 6) to a children’s concert at De Montfort Hall in Leicester. When it finished we needed to get to the coach station to get transport home. Unbeknown to us, during the afternoon there had been a march through Leicester of the NF and when we left the concert they were all gathered in the city centre fighting with bystanders and the police. It was a very frightening experience. We attempted to bypass them by going down past the university but the rioters (for that is what they were at this point) were everywhere. Police with batons and on horseback were trying to contain them. My husband pushed us into an alleyway to get us out of the way, scooping our elder son into his arms out of the way of the angry mob as they advanced in our direction. It was a very frightening experience. Our younger son doesn’t remember it now, thank goodness. However, our elder son was talking about it the other day - now in his 50s he remembers it clearly saying that at the time he was fascinated at seeing men fighting, he had only seen boys fighting in the playground at school. The fact that it has stayed with him for so long demonstrates the effect it had on him. I don’t think marches of protesters are quite so violent these days but I shall never go near one again due to that experience all of those years ago.

Actually it is a very serious situation and wish I had not implied it as a joke now…I shall swipe that out of here now for good…

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You lot ?

You mean us old geezers , fogies coffin dodgers ?