Are you a bit of a rebel? Do you get involved with protests?

that’s close to my mum’s age Azz. Perhaps I’m not yet old enough yet, but absolutely no interest in protests.


Those two are old enough to know better. How do they think they have arrived at the age they are, and comforts they now enjoy without taking from the planet…Lock em’ up and throw away the key… :disguised_face:

Its time to stop protesting when you realize, a fair few of the things you “Used” to protest about have inadvertently bought you to a relative “Comfy” position in life (not withstanding a fair bit of hard graft)


Yup, I’ve always been a protester, but I bet that’s no surprise really!

Recently though, I suppose it’s because we’re getting older, my husbands been worried about my safety and asked me not to join in

The first time he asked me not to was Thatcher’s funeral but he was OK after that for a long time, just shrugged and laughed

He agreed with me over Brexit and came with me to London for one of the protests, and didn’t mind when I went to Bristol to boo and heckle Johnson

But he thinks the mood and violence are too much nowadays and is afraid for me and that I should give it a rest now I’m older

I think it’s a shame, I’m glad I’ve stood up and protested and proud to have marched in London against the war in Iraq and old age shouldn’t stop you standing up to be counted

At our age we should know what we believe is right and fight and stick up for it, (after all we don’t really have many years to lose) and not just disappear into some mellow, old aged idyll wombling about the countryside!

So more power to these old girls elbow :rofl: Who wants to conservative and well behaved and conventional in old age when there’s something you believe in to be fought for? Getting up people’s noses is sort of the point of protest

And who cares who disapproves, just give ‘em the bird!


France have protests all the time as you all would know about…
…The issues with violence are nearly all caused by outsiders that travel around and set fire to buildings and cars and are only there to cause havoc…and they do…the aim of these Thugs is to bring the Government down…
…They could not care a less about others lives or the real protesters needs to peacefully demonstrate their cause. They had a few local to here about not wanting a huge new Reservoir which is essential of course…I could not or would not demonstrate against something of that nature
…I certainly sometimes feel like joining in some of the more important ones though…
End of May there is serious talk of the Pharmacy staff going to protest for the shortage of many medications this past year…

And sometimes these thugs are set by the governments to attract public opinion against protesters and effectively do the governments job.

no way they are Fascists still roaming everywhere…

Vichy France (French: Régime de Vichy; 10 July 1940 – 9 August 1944), officially the French State (État français), was the French rump state headed by Marshal Philippe Pétain during World War II…can go back further but that period is the one that stands out and will do forever with the French people…wot ever their ages are…

The french rightly so will never forgive in truth the Parisienne’s for how and why did so many collobrated with the Nazi’s…Greed and self preservation selffish self centred arses…
Government Thugs you are really loosing the plot here…yes of course in every walk of life these days there are fakes/crooks…but to say thugs employed by the Government shows to me your living in Cuckoo Land…
angrl cuckoo

In this world anything is possible.
In 2018 if I told you that a virus was going to shut down world economies, kill hundreds of thousands of people, and you would would be a prisoner in your own home and restricted from venturing out, would you have said I live in Cuckoo land then? Probably!

Well, one will always know what the time is in Cuckoo Land :icon_wink:

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Quite a different scenario Foxy and your just using an avoidance tactic again…the Tomatoes or lack of Tomatoes now for years from Guernsey…nothing what so ever to do with the EU…guess if its still nothing to do with the EU you would still blame them for anything that you can make something up from…course you would…

just maybe you will learn to stop your tales and learn how to read real facts… one day I don’t believe that is possible unless you go for a brain transplant… :open_mouth:

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So unnecessary :009:

I’m quite sure that the EU will survive despite my detrimental posts on the forum Dianne…

At least I have more idea how bad the EU can be also…nothing is purrfect in the world apart from us Femmes of course… :clown_face:

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No need for Brain Transplants, a Doctrine Appointment should be enough.

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The closest I get to protesting is with music and this one comes to mind …take it away Dee :+1:

I am a very vocal protestor, yes. If its something I believe in, then I take my placard, my whistle and get my shouty voice activated!


I’m very passionate and vocal about human rights and I will protest.

I’ve never actively been involved in protest marches though.

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I’ve been involved in a few local ones, marching and yelling down the street…stopping traffic and things. The last major one I was involved with was the Iraq war. Kindof scary because the police corralled us all into a corner, and I had a bit of a panic thinking we would never get home!


Protest marches tend to get a bit violent or out of hand here. Sometimes there’s skirmishes with the authorities. I worry about my safety as a single mother and there’s an exclusion on insurance policies (including mine) that there’s no payout if you’re injured or die as a result of participating in protest action.

Read your policy exclusions carefully

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I shall be making waves very soon…Watch the CNN News next month…

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Wow! That is pretty scary, Minx…so effectively you really cannot allow yourself to show your opinion. I guess that’s one way of control :roll_eyes: