Applications removed while refreshing your PC

That’s what it says and has a list of the files. All I would like to know how do I reinstall all these files back onto my laptop from were they came from.

We need a bit more of a clue to what these files are?
Are they personal?
the will have .then three letters after each file as in .pdf or .jpg.
I have personally never refreshed a PC as I have found it can cause more problems than it solves.

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Refresh Windows Tool

When you Refresh Windows, all apps that do not come with the standard Windows 10 installation, including installed programs, OEM drivers & pre-installed software, will be removed. You may also lose your digital licenses and other digital entitlements. You will have to install your apps and reactivate Windows again.

That’s what I had to do on an old laptop.

Clean install every time for me.

What about picking a restore point date going back before the removal.

Screen shot of what they are.
Also all shortcuts on the main screen have gone.

Wouldn’t that defeat the object of the Refresh?

From the photo shot it looks like it’s on Apple Software?

Probably not on Windows and so different on restoring, etc.

Do you have an iPhone, Epson printer, Canon camera?
It looks like you would need to reinstall the drivers/software for these items if so, I suspect just pluggiing them in will be all you need for the devics to work as Windows should install tye drivers. The software you should have on a disc or you can download it, though if you have never ever used the software then I wouldn’t bother.

Yes I have an iPhone and iPads (2). But I have not linked them to this laptop as never seen the need to,
Also an EPSON printer that was linked to the laptop.

Something made by Apple has been connected or installed at some point but if you are not intending to connect them then fine I would just go ahead with your refresh and then plug in your printer. :smiley:

The taskbar looks like windows so Apple products are not required.

So, presumably, the Refresh has:

  1. Kept personal files and settings (if any).
  2. Replaced all Windows system files with a new copy.
  3. Kept the apps that came with the PC
  4. Kept any apps installed from the Microsoft Store.

My next step would be to search out and delete any remaining unwanted files and apps then check as many system settings as possible.

I’d also set up system security before downloading a new browser then download and run PrivaZer.

Further apps and settings may be acquired/adjusted as preferred.

The printer is wifi. It works well with iPhone iPad and did this laptop.
I still can’t figure out how to reload all my stuff that seems to be lurking around somewhere on the laptop.
I can access all my photos but not other files and programes.

With the printer you will still need to install the necessary drivers for it to work with your laptop.
Go to the Start menu and click Settings, Devices, then Printers & scanners.Select Add a printer or or scanner and wait for your printer to appear in the list, then select it and hit Add device. If Windows doesn’t find your printer, select The printer that I want isn’t listed and follow the instructions.
I suspect that you will need to install some of your programs again either from a disk if you have it or by downloading from the web.
You don’t need AVG as your antivirus, Windows Defender will be fine and that is already nstalled or should be.

If you have a printer cable use that to connect to the PC - Windows should detect and install the printer automatically. Later you can return the device to wifi.

What is the point of ‘Refreshing’?

Windows 11/10 Advanced Recovery option offers recovery solutions that can help you bring back Windows 11/10 to a working condition. These are extreme solutions when nothing else can be done. That said, before one uses one of these solutions, it is a good idea to understand the differences between them. Windows 11/10 offers Fresh Start, Refresh, Cloud Reset, and Reset This PC options.

Thanks Omah, I don’t thing I’ll be resetting any time soon, it sounds like hours of pain and lost personal files and photos collected over the years…

These should be backed up on a portable HDD. :smiley::smiley:

They all are Mr Fraggle, but you upgrade to the latest thing and you can’t view your photos on the same viewer, or files on microsoft works don’t work on the latest stuff without spending half your life converting everything into a compatible medium. I consider my computer a ‘tool’ and I want to spend my time on it, looking at photos and files from the past, or visiting the forum. I don’t want to be constantly modifying that tool to do jobs that I could do quite happily the way it was. Am I stuck in time do you think?