I like being out on my Bike, most folks on here have got the gist of that, but, my enjoyment is sullied by a constant need to apologize to folks in advance of offending them. I am OK with this, its in the chemical make up but, there is nowt coming back, just blankness, from glances being returned, stands to sense, there is a song about this somewhere.
Does anyone else apologize in advance? :biking_man:

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Ha! yes…most often when I’m out with the dog and she starts barking at some random thing, scaring old ladies or kids out of their wits. Or I apologise when someone bumps into me (pre covid…I avoid people now, or at least try) I’m also in the awful habit sometimes of saying “I’m sorry, but…” which isn’t strictly apologising as such, but still…

Yes Pixie, I am going to stop this behaviour, the only reason I do this is because, there will be one person in a hundred who would be offended IE, a mirror image, if ya did not apologize, that is a heavy burden when just going about yer business, bugger um, the none realizationers. :biking_man: :biking_man: :biking_man: :heavy_check_mark: :smiley:

I can’t seem to work out in what way you are offending people, Spitty. What are you doing that is causing all this offence? :017:

Not sure Harbal, it could just be me misconstruing, but the look on the faces is disconcerting. :biking_man:

I always smile, regardless, maybe that is the problem, putting in too much effort. :heavy_check_mark: :biking_man:

Are you saying that people give you funny looks when you are out on your bike?

I go out on my bike most days, but I don’t usually need to apologise to anybody. I do seem to have to say “excuse me” quite a lot though. So many people these days walk about with ear phones in, listening to music. When I come up behind them, I often have to end up shouting “EXCUSE ME!” very loudly before they realise I am there and shift out of the way. They sometimes apologise to me, but some do just give me a dirty look.

I would never give you a funny look Spitty!


I’m always apologising Spitty and even if I know its not my fault I apologise anyway… no idea why :frowning:

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This electric machine is silent, and false choughing is out of the question at present, the folks I pass under these circumstances never look happy for some reason. :biking_man:

Oh I dunno… a false cough would clear a path no problem…no apology needed because everyone would be fleeing!

What about not happy faces?

There would be grimaces, in that situation I imagine.
However, given that scenario isn’t likely, then I have no idea why they aren’t happy…probably because your machine is silent and fast and they don’t see or hear you until you are at their backs yelling “Sorry, sorry, coming through, excuse me, sorry” :joy:

Use your bell.

I think these people are generally unhappy anyway, and my appearance just reinforces the state of mind, a bell would probably antagonize the situation. :biking_man:

Well…with the leathers and the helmet I suppose you must look a bit intimidating…I think I would give you a filthy look if you streamed by me all silent and deadly. You’d set the dog off barking then I’d be proper fed up! :joy:

I was on the Saracen, a Mountain Bike, unrecognizable from the original, no helmet, no safety gear, 6mph under the circumstances, you just can’t please some folks. :biking_man:

That could be the problem Spitty :slightly_smiling_face: you might have a scary smile …

If you try to improve your steering so you dont keep running folks over, you wouldnt have to keep apologising, Spitty.
Worth giving some thought perhaps? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Maybe, but I think the receptors are just oblivious, they have an agenda that is a mystery, that is mysterious but, not not to likeminded other none receptive people. :thinking: :grinning: :biking_man: :heavy_check_mark:

I have never “Run” anyone down. :biking_man: