Anyone know of a cure for SIBO?

I have been suffering from some unknown ailment of the bowels. My Dr. can only give it a possible name of irritable bowel syndrome-diarrhea. That is a name which means absolutely nothing. He told me there are well in excess of several thousand possible causes for IBS-D. This disease has gotten progressively worse over the last 9 years. It is now out of control. Not a day passes when I don’t rush to the bathroom 16-20 times /day.

My Dr is always delighted to perform ultra expensive tests : like a camera up the bum and camera in to the stomach, etc. . However, when I ask about diet, he gets a blank look on his face as if I’m asking about some voodoo diet.

No Dr. that I’m aware of is doing face to face visits. My G.I. Dr once mentioned a possible bacterial over-growth in the small intestine (SIBO), but he did not pursue that idea.

There are some people, on the www who suggest that a vegan diet MIGHT help. Horror of horrors. As a cook, that would be a fate worse than death.

I looked up exactly what a vegan diet is and I was appalled. I didn’t recognize more than two items on that list.

Has anyone suffered from IBS-D, and if so, were you able to have any positive impact on it ??? If yes, how … specifically?

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IBS covers a multitude of sins Bakerman and is the get out of jail card for when the doctor doesn’t really know what ails you.

Re diet one way is to find and find out what irritates your bowel.
( you are not going to like this ) So you have to start off with a very very light diet ie boiled rice - this should settle your intestines down .
Then slowly add a different food until you see what your bowel doesn’t like !

Drinking rice water will also help your diarrhoea problem as does perhaps a little puréed apple or apple juice .

The key note here is little your intestines have become hypersensitive and need a rest and they can best rest if they don’t have too much to eat .

I would definitely cut out the meat entirely for a few days and see how it goes .

I am not a medic but I think as we get older our bodies just find it difficult to cope with everything including food .

We can take a tip from our animal friends when they are not feeling well they stop eating .

Here are some other light foods that you will recognise
and will not upset the bowel too much .

Toast ( no butter )
boiled or baked potatoes (with skins peeled)
baked chicken with skin removed
chicken soup (which also aids in rehydration)

Got this IBS about 30 years ago (even passing blood), once diagnosed was treated with Colofac Tablets, did the trick.

I agree with that, Muddy.

Bakerman, once you have fasted - drink plenty of water to flush everything through, then try doing as we do for the animals and have only fish, cooked chicken (no sauces or spices added), rice, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese and it might be an idea to have a LIVE yoghurt every morning too.
Have you tried taking a good Pro-Biotic daily?

Have they tested you for H/Pylori?

I would definiely keep away from spicy foods or elaborate sauces, and eat simple ‘bland’ things for a while, see if that makes any difference.

It’s trial and error I’m afraid, not an instant miracle cure.
Good luck.

Here in the UK our NHS tends to treat with mebeverine hydrochloride and it worked for my eldest daughter. Give it a try as you have nothing to loose.

Some brilliant advice here bakerman, and it’s exactly what I would do in the same situation.
In addition, my advice would be:-
Don’t go Vegan or Veggie, it’s the worst thing you can do to your body. You should make no exclusions to the variety of food you eat, your body requires a multitude of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, not to mention carbs, protein and even fat.

The only thing I can’t eat are ‘prawns’ within an hour of ingesting just one (and it has happened) I would spend the next five hours on the toilet until it has been purged from my system. Any other seafood not a problem.

Cook meat and fish thoroughly!
The cooking process is not just there to make it tender and to look nice. It kills dangerous bacteria and gives your digestion a fighting chance to break it down. A piece of meat or fish takes over twenty four hours to pass through your system. The incidence of bowel cancer is very high in the USA. The meat can actually start rotting before it has left your system. I have known people who have got worms from eating raw or uncooked fish!

I know how much you love your steaks bakerman so I will not go on any further and I hope you can find a solution to your problem. The advice from Muddy and Mups is excellent, and it could just be an allergy or food intolerance to something in your diet. My money is on a build up of unfriendly bacteria in the gut, so search out and eat the good bacteria for a while, but it will take time to re-colonate your gut. Best of luck…

In answer to a few of the questions.
Yes, I once, years ago had H. Pylori in the Philippines, but Dr gave me some meds (I forgot the name) and it passed after a week or so.

I have not yet tried any probiotics. But, will do so if it might help.

Is it ok if I included lactose-free milk in my diet ? How about other cheeses, like cheddar, mozzarella ???

Bakerman, can you not ask to be referred to a Dietician? or a Consultant in stomach disorders? This can’t go on.

If my Doctor had been treating me for years and the problem still hadn’t improved, I would certainly be seeking help elsewhere!

If you reckon you are having to run to the loo 16-20 times a day, surely you can’t leave the house?
And what about night time, are you going through the night as well?

Are you eating too much? I ask because you must be putting a lot of food into a very aggravated stomach to make that much ‘waste.’

Lastly, have they checked you for Pancreatitis?

Correct. Big problem leaving the house.
For some strange reason, I don’t need to use to loo when sleeping.
I don’t know if I’m eating too much. I do know I’m not putting on any weight. As for “too much waste”, it is usually mostly liquid and often not much of that. But it sure as heck forces me to rush to the loo. tremendous pressure down below ! I can only describe it as EXPLOSIVE !

It is perhaps different where you are Bakerman and, so when you talk about your doctor do you mean a GP, or a specialist consultant?

You didn’t answer whether you had been tested for Pancreatitis, or food allergies?

How do you manage to go out for shopping etc?

I mean BOTH a GP and a G.I Dr.
I don’t recall if I’ve ever been tested for pancreatitis. But, it does not sound familiar. No food allergies. I do, however, have diabetes T-2.
When I must go shopping, I start taking lots and lots of Lomotil the night before AND I must not eat ANYTHING AT ALL for 16 + hours. Even still, I must stop at a bathroom every block or so.

My sister had a similar problem over a long time and eventually was sent to see a dietitian .
She put her on a strict yeast free diet & 2 Yakults every day( but I am sure any other pro-biotic aids would help). she was cured in 12 weeks!
Bakerman, you could try the same but it is a strict diet & you need to read labels on all foods to make sure you avoid yeast or other raising agents.
I would suggest that you speak to a well qualified dietitian who can offer advice on yeast free products in your area. My sister was allowed to have Soda bread ( which we can get from Ireland) but I am not sure what you could buy where you live.

If you have a bacterial infection Lomotil is not something you should be taking try Pepto bismuth instead . There are several home made remedies that you will probably have in your store cupboards too ie a teaspoon full of Tumeric in a probiotic yogurt could help and won’t harm .
Apple cider vinegar in water can’t harm either .
It important to keep hydrated so drink plenty water or apple juice .
Let us know how you are doing .

Yup, I have one with my porridge every day.
There is lot’s of good diet advice to be found on the net…

Question about a “yeast free diet”. I don’t understand that. Yeast cells die at a temperature of 130-140 F (54-60 C.) So,
it would SEEM that yeast would have no impact on the gut.??? Not arguing with you it’s just that I don’t understand.
I have seen Yakult in the market, but I’ve never tried it.
I HAVE used Bepto-Bismol but all that does to me is turn the liquid stool black. No firming, what-so-ever.

I have read lots of stuff on the web, and I must say that I’m more than a little worried about starving on such a restrictive diet.
Boiled potatoes… no salt or butter or spices?
Plain boiled white rice
toast without butter or jam. maybe no bread what-so-ever ?
water, no sodas ? (I don’t drink alcohol anyway)
No coffee/tea ?
No meat ?
Good heavens, sounds like a diet from a concentration camp.

Where do I get any nourishment ???

Doesn’t yeast continue fermenting in the gut?
Plenty of wind from both ends…:frowning:

I think you should forget the internet for advice Bakerman.
It is generalised, not tailored for the cause of your own specific problem.
Same as becareful about what worked for other people because the cause of their complaint may not be the same as yours.

I have said everything I can now, but I will reiterate to stop messing about with home medication and remedies when they are obviously not working. You need to find out the cause first then treat accordingly.

I agree with Twink about a Dietician or Nutritionist as I suggested earlier, but if you are not prepared to change your diet and try what they suggest, then no one can help you.
Sorry if that sounds a bit brutal, but it’s common sense.

I will do it but it does worry me about not getting proper nutrition.
I agree that I need to find out the ultimate cause. However, my G.I Dr said that is nearly impossible. He say, “Any guess on my part would be a total SHOT IN THE DARK.” In fact he said there are thousands of possible causes. If he can not come up with any cause, what chance do I have ?

That’s why I said ask for a referall to a Nutritionist or Dietician. :slight_smile:

Also, how can you be getting ‘proper nutrition’ anyway, if your body is losing everything instead of processing it properly?