Anyone ever found a book?

I have just been for a walk with Chloe across the fields and tied to a gatepost was a book in a plastic cover by Bill Bryson with a note saying ‘‘A free book for you’’.
I thought at first it was some kind of joke :confused:

Further inspection revealed it had been placed there by someone belonging to ‘Book’…

BookCrossing is the act of releasing your books “into the wild” for a stranger to find, or via “controlled release” to another BookCrossing member, and tracking where they go via journal entries from around the world. Our community of 1,951,000 passionate, generous book-lovers is changing the world and touching lives, one traveling book at a time. We hope you join us!

I left the book for someone else to find , it looks a nice idea though.

I wondered if anyone else had found one :-).

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Earlier this year there was ‘book crossing’ day here - they were left on park benches, low walls, outside cafe tables - all over the place. It is a lovely idea.

ST :slight_smile: I hade never heard of it and a field full of sheep in the Worcestershire countryside seems an odd place to leave a book.

What a nice idea!
We normally give ours to a charity.

I always knew sheep were more intelligent than they are given credit for!:-D:-D:-D

Yes, and while I was untying the book to look at it ‘the friendly sheep’ who must have been bottle fed came up behind me and butted me in the backside causing me to drop the book in the nettles :shock: I had to kick it out with my feet (the book not the sheep :mrgreen: ) .

Not heard of that before but it sounds like a nice idea. I have seen a few old phone boxes with free books in. Mind you, anything left around here will probably end up being thrown in the river or ripped to pieces by the ‘bouncy’ teenagers.

I don’t mean to laugh but…


Heard of this idea, but I’ve never found one. We have a redundant bus shelter in the village and this has become a hub for charity collections of shoes, etc., books and magazines for free and CD’s and DVD’s all for the taking. Also has local history info on the wall and a very large noticeboard.

I have seen a few old phoneboxes in the area that have become book exchanges , they seem to have survived the vandals.

That’s a good idea for the bus shelter Sue :slight_smile: there are sheep in ours.

No, don’t tell me – they all have free bus passes and are waiting for the next bus! :slight_smile: :smiley:

No Baz :slight_smile: we haven’t had busses here since the 70’s. The shelter is on common land where sheep roam.

Oh I see, sorry but I didn’t know that and couldn’t resist putting my initial thought on screen. :slight_smile: :smiley:

We have buses here, one out in the morning and one back early evening. Tough if anyone doesn’t want a whole day out just to visit the GP at the Health Centre in the next village! :slight_smile:

I thought you’d lost a book and was asking us if we’d found it at first LOL

I’ve not heard of this before but it does sound a nice, positive idea

…Yes it does look like that LQ :-).

I have heard and seen this. People can leave books on any form of transport. I believe that they can leave a message on a blank page in the book explaining how to pass it on after it has been read.
Further along my road in a front garden is the ‘signal box’ that has books in it, People can take a book or leave one in it.

Emjay :slight_smile: perhaps the books are all over the place then and I just ‘don’t get out enough’ …

Even sheep like to read a good book Meg! :-):-):slight_smile:

I was in the other room just this afternoon and what a surprise I had when suddenly I found a book on my bookshelf. What’s more, it was amongst a whole lot of other books. It’s so nice when you can find a book.

That’s interesting, I haven’t heard of that one before; there are a couple of houses in my vicinity that have built little book exchange boxes on their fence line. The local shopping mall even has a place for such book swaps.

I think it is a great idea, if a bit random.

It is funny that at one time one used to collect books and had shelves of books all over the house but now it seems that you read a book then swap or give it away. Certainly my house is down to a few dozen books at the most with the majority of them being rarely opened reference books such as dictionaries, atlases and computer books.

Only my collection of Terry Pratchett hardbacks is sacred. :wink: