Any other ladies here that enjoy clean chat and clean humor?


As my nick suggests I am a chatter LOL I am not much of a poster even though I do at times just to tell a little about me.

i am an old fashion chatter meaning I love to chat without bad language and without offensive pics but with lots of clean humor. I have a lot of physical problems and the way I survive it all is clean humor. For ME it relieves stress and even if only for a brief moment in time I will take whatever relief I can get :slight_smile:

I don’t chat with men. Nothing against men! I have one LOL and plan on keeping him.

I love animals and wildlife. Well, most wildlife LOL I watch mostly old TV shows but do love the new one “When Calls The Heart” as it’s very family friendly for an old fashion gal.

If there are any other ladies that love a clean chat without bad language and with clean humor feel free to send me a message and I will let you know where in the chat world you can find me LOL

I don’t think you’ll find any ladies posting bad language here, it’s a very friendly forum, perhaps when you check out the threads you’ll get a better feel for the place and its posters:-)

Hello OFC :smiley: a very warm welcome to Over50sForum…

We have many chatterboxes on the forum so you should feel at home!

Thanks for the reply Mags and Honey!

yer welcome!

Hi there OFC, nice for you to drop in, were a friendly bunch at the Over 50’s Forum and we like to talk about almost anything so feel free… :slight_smile:

Thanks Suzukiand :slight_smile: I see at the profile place it ask for a welcome code? What’s that for? Thanks again for the welcomes and replies!

Hello and welcome to the forum from me too. :smiley:

Hi! welcome!

Thanks Twizard and Cheshire Cat :slight_smile: Hope I didn’t miss anyone! My eye sight is not the best, either.

…and it’s WELCOME from me, but I’m NOT a ladee !

Hi i don’t really know? It was there when i joined, but i left for a while and maybe it was to welcome me back, i’m sure someone will let us know though. :slight_smile:

No bad language on this forum and if you keep out of the password protected jokes area you won’t find anything to offend. We are not a ladies only forum thank goodness, nothing against you other ladies but I think the gentlemen add something to the forum which we need.
Welcome to the forum !

Hello ‘Chatter’ and welcome :slight_smile:

[/B] I assume you are joking when you say this :slight_smile: A good proportion of our members are men and we are delighted to have them here. I think you will find it difficult to chat on here while excluding them and to do so would be really mean .

If there are any other ladies that love a clean chat without bad language and with clean humor feel free to send me a message and I will let you know where in the chat world you can find me LOL

…can I also point out we do not allow the spamming of other sites or recommend anyone gives their personal details to a stranger.

That said I look forward to chatting with you on this site along with the other members here both male and female…:slight_smile:

Well put Meg, any one new could be Tom,Dick,or Harry,for all we know,id be very wary of talking to someone who only wants to talk to females only. Just my view on this.

Looking forward to hearing your chat . I really like this site , felt very welcomed by all . Love chatting and posting to everyone x

Thanks again for all the welcomes! And that includes you, too, Alan! I am sure they would not allow you here if you were not a gentlemen so it’s only in a private message or a chat room I was referring to. My bad for not making it clearer.

Let me be clear when I said I just chat with ladies that I am talking about in private messages, emails, or a chat room! I guess now days posting in a forum is also considered chatting? I have always thought it was posting but I can see where some would think it’s chatting.

It’s not being mean for ladies to just email other ladies or have private messages with other ladies or chat in a chat room with just ladies. If it’s in our home my husband and I chat with both men and women but if we are a lone unless it’s family members we don’t have the opposite sex in our home.

We have had very good friends their marriage end just from something that started out innocent with a married man talking to women that was not their wife and the other way around. I’ve been married since 1977 and my husband and I agreed to this when we got on the internet and have found our friends to agree with us on this.

Sorry, I never meant any offense and for sure there can be men that pretend to be women and the other way around but it doesn’t take long to realize it LOL I chat with some lovely ladies most with severe physical problems where we care about each other in a day when some people are alone and need friendship and need support. Some of us have been online friends for years and we are not wary of each other :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all :slight_smile:


Hi OFC, I sort of guessed what you meant was chatting in places where there is instant chat, ie a chat room where like minded people all chat at the same time and reply to each other’s post there instantly.
Chatting on a forum is different as it’s just posting and people reply whenever, sometimes much later so it’s not instant.
I can see why you would rather chat in real time with other women as in chat rooms you tend to get to know the people you talk to quite well and you may become friends quite easily, whereas here on the forum you can stay completely detached from the other people who post if you wish. I can see why chatting to members of the opposite sex on line could lead to a few problems where a relationship develops.

I also hate swearing on forums and I it doesn’t happen very often here, it’s usually when someone gets worked up about something. :slight_smile:
Anyway hope you enjoy the forum.

Thanks Anita :slight_smile: Glad to know my brain fog (not making things clearer) was at least somewhat understood :slight_smile:

Forums or chat rooms, messages or chatting, emails or not LOL it’s all good and nice to have options. All have their advantages for whichever fits us the most :slight_smile: All good :slight_smile:

Would be a dull world if we all wanted the same, acted the same, chatted or posted the same, etc. But it is good when husband and wife want the same LOL