Anne Widdecombe says don't make cheese sandwiches if you can't afford the ingredients

Where do you get beef dripping from if you don’t have a roast ?

most of the recent lot have degrees in politics / economics. Usually Oxford. They also have experience in business / city or law etc. Boris was an outlier being a journo with a classics degree. Although of course Eton / oxford usual mix. Truss was an ex accountant worked in industry …but again she studied politics, economics philosophy at Oxford. Sunak has the same degree from the same uni, but has a first class, Liz’s result seems to be a secret. Suella Braverman read law at Cambridge. Then worked as a barrister.

Are John Major / Jeremy Corbyn preferable?

Britannia brand from all good supermarkets. £1.25 per 250g


They are all shit Annie

Thank you LD I never knew .

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I understand inflation has been reduced, but food prices have risen. You don’t suppose they have dropped fuel prices (petrol and diesel) to bring down inflation superficially to make the government look good?


I dunno Rishi is from the clean cut prime ministerial stable, is it time for a modern day Michael Foot?

it’s all market based OGF. How the heck can the govt influence fuel prices outside the budget/ taxes? There are so many variables.

Take away the Cheese and we’re all on the Breadline.

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Depends where they allow us to buy the fuel from. Did you know that most of our diesel comes from Russia? Because our government closed down all of our refineries.
And since you mention taxes…Did you know that about 50% of the cost of a litre of fuel is fuel duty?
Fuel duty is currently levied at a flat rate of 52.95p per litre for both petrol and diesel, while VAT at 20% is then charged on both the product price and the duty. Hover over the chart to see exact values.

What were you saying about government not able to vary the price of fuel Annie?

I said outside budget and taxes. Rates haven’t changed significantly in decades. So how is that a variation? The main reason fuel prices fluctuate is because of either deliberate or incidental constrictions in supply. Unleaded and diesel rates have fallen slightly in 2022 to the levels they were in 2008, but it’s hardly significant as it’s still over 50% and it hasn’t been below this since the 90s. This would have all been agreed during budget setting. It’s not something that they chop and change every week to suit the inflation figures. They reduce inflation with interest rates but that won’t reduce food prices automatically. What it’s doing at the moment is to reduce choice. Every week I see those items on special offer and worry whether the supermarket will remove them completely next week.

I was interested to see they are selling Lurpak on offer at less than £2, but you then have to look at the fact that you are only getting 200g vs the 250g standard of other brands.

And stupid ideas like net zero have caused energy costs to go through the roof.

So, add political stupidity to “outside taxes and budget” in your first sentence :023:


Folks seem to have got “Cheesed Off” with this thread.

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There’s a suprise!

A little of what you fancy… does you good?

I’d take a punt with a buxom wench such as her, but after a good brushing :wink: especially as she was one of my great grandfather’s favourite music hall performers :+1:

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She looks like Ken Dodd in drag…


Ole Ken did well for himself, including shafting the tax man :+1:

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Yep, I liked Ken. They don’t make em’ like him anymore…More’s the pity…

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Kindly keep your fantasies to yourself Foxy :018:

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What happened to the Diddy Men?