Angela Rayner's lack of grammar

Reading some of the comments about Angela Rayner on here it strikes me that there are a number of potential recruits for “Les tricoteuses de la Guillotine" should the need ever arise.

Yes, I’m fully aware of the system of ‘hundreds’.
Nevertheless, perhaps you’d like to get out your magnifying glass and look closely at the Lancashire-Cheshire border on that map.
As I stated, it follows the River Mersey.

That was then.

Of course, you could go back to Brigantia:


Of no concern.
My interest is the past 1000 years and when the counties were created.

Yes, of course, we could go back further, perhaps to the early ice ages before there were any people to create boundaries of any description.
But we’d be straying off-topic, wouldn’t we?

That’s fine but if you had a responsible position like a Headteacher, a Barrister, a Consultant or a Pilot you wouldn’t turn up in your cargo pants and flip flops would you?

I will never forget the sight of Angela Rayner taking the knee with Kier Starmer in her bovver boots. She just seems to have no idea how to dress appropriately in different would think she might have caught on by now.

The second post in this thread went off-topic and contributions have strayed from the straight and narrow ever since … Who am I to blow against the wind?

Would I? Unless there was a strict dress code of course I would if I wanted to - which I probably would - why not? Times have changed greatly especially over the last few years. Headteachers DO go to schools in track suits and trainers and so company teachers.

I think she’s trying to take over from Diane Abbott’s position as Commons Clown.

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Gosh, that’s more like it! :sweat_smile:


I have turned up in worse than that.

There are times when you have to and times when the Court instructs you to appear straight away.

That is not disrespect at all, it is merely a reflection of the circumstances.

It makes no difference , the Judges are not to be conned, you have to have your reasons well thought out before you will get a Warrant or a Decision in your favour.

If you have not done everything right, you will lose.

One of the words that Hansard asked Angela Rayner if they could change was when she used the phrase “less people” instead of the “grammatically correct” alteration to “fewer people”

‘Struth! I knew exactly what she meant - Most folk would have understood that “less” means “fewer” - wouldn’t they?!


Are you in the right thread Maree?

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I dunno, probably not, story of my life :crazy_face:

I was replying to Ruthio’s post about Margaret Thatcher’s dulcet tones……

Must be me then I knew what you were referring too I just seemed to see your post in another thread .

The Pedants Revolt


Yes, I’m not at all convinced about Hansard changing what politicians actually said. And that sounds like quite a petty thing to quibble

I’d have thought nowadays a digital recording of all speeches would be kept anyway?

I agree. I think that Hansard should not attempt to correct the words that our politicians utter.
After all, it is a clear indication of their knowledge and standard of English and possibly of their general intelligence.
Excellent example (especially with regard to mathematics): Dianne Abbott!


This lack of early learning ability, or maybe even poor teaching skills, has been the downfall of far too many children and I believe it still exists in state schools right across our four nations. Our whole education system needs a thorough shake up asap.
Had Rayner not left school pregnant at 15/16, I wonder how she would have progressed differently in her life. IMO she has made the best out of a bad start.


An addendum to my above post.

A R said: "This is life, this is what I’m used to. In fact, I think it’s strange when people are nice. I find taking compliments more difficult than taking abuse, to be honest.

I’ve never had love and affection, so I don’t crave it. That’s really sad, because I see how people can be fulfilled by those things”

This is indeed sad because the human spirit thrives on love and understanding. My grandparents provided it to me at every opportunity which helped make the man I am today, so perhaps I can now understand AR better and why she is the way she is. Her father was obviously an absentee which must also have been an influencing factor as well as her illiterate bipolar mother who went by pictures rather than reading.
Taking everything into consideration she has done exceptionally well👍


No, I don’t think her father was absent, but I don’t think he was kind or she had a good relationship with him. She once said in an interview in the Times

Describing a home without affection Ms Rayner said her mother ‘could only love one person at a time’ - and chose Ms Rayner’s father.

She said: "She couldn’t emotionally connect to us because of the bipolar disorder which made her unbalanced.

My dad would have done something that upset her and it would be as if her world had collapsed and everything had ended and she was in total crisis

She says her father was ‘shouty’ and sometimes ‘cruel’ and often scared her so much she would wet the bed then hide the sheets because she because she was frightened of being told off.

I’m wondering if there’s some sort of embargo about naming and reporting on him because that’s all I could find?