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I’ve just finished listening to Bram Stoker’s Dracula on Audible, very much looking forward to this one!

I’ve just listened to chapter one on audible… absolutely hysterical :rofl:


I remember Bill Bryson being funny having read some of his books years ago but I’d forgotten how funny…a real tonic!

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I loved this one too. Borrowed the audiobook from the library back when they were on cassettes. I’ve enjoyed Bill Bryson’s works.

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I have a big collection of audio books and a site I also download them from. At the moment it’s light reading and I’m wading through Simon Brett’s Feathering Mysteries.

When I was working, I was often required to drive long distances and I used to have a small stack of audio books on my Ipod (later phone) and used to go through them quite regularly.

These days, I’m not working and hardly driving and seemed to have given over to reading my kindle.

I’m listening to this on audible at the moment, absolutely hysterical!!
I’ve never been a great fan of David Mitchell but I’d highly recommend this volume.

A refreshing and witty slant on our history!


I’m really getting stuck into this one!
Mike Carter is a journo who almost impulsively decided to escape from London and cycle around the coast at the age of forty five.


A very engaging, funny and inspiring listen.
He really is a bit of an English Bill Bryson.
I’m planning on getting a new mountain bike quite soon but I’ll not be venturing further than Sussex… for the time being :wink:

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This one’s been languishing in my audible library for some time now…

You simply can’t go wrong with a Bill Bryson book in my opinion. I read this in paperback some years ago but I’ll be cracking on with the audible version over the weekend :+1:

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I’ll be interested to hear how it goes. I love Bill Bryson audiobooks. My favorite was A Walk in the Woods. If you say it’s good, I might give this one a go. I just checked. It’s in my online library. I just borrowed it in case.

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Well, as an Englishman I found it both funny and quite adventurous as far as his experiences in some of the towns in the deep south went, vaguely reminded me of Deliverance. But I read the book some years back now so perhaps my memory is just a tad hazy :slightly_smiling_face:

A Walk In The Woods is superb… not that I’m going to get anywhere near the Appalachian Trail…alas!

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Absolutely hysterical, once again this is coming from someone on the other side of the pond :rofl: :wink:

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Having (sadly) finished listening to Bill Bryson it’s time to move on.

I bought this in paperback as a Christmas present for my son. Okay, so obviously no illustrations with Audible but for the princely sum of 99p I’m not complaining!
Just started listening…

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Okay, it’s Audible credit day, decisions decisions!
Not too difficult actually…

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. I shall indulge myself at the weekend :+1:

I am listening to an Audio book at the moment while I drive, I listened to Terry Prachett’s “Equal Rites” crossing SA and part of the Nullarbor but am currently listening to the first of the Lisbeth Salander books not by Stieg Larrson, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”.

I am not enjoying it as much as the first three in the Millennium series but will continue.

Have to admit I download them from the interweb thing, chop them into 10 minute segments because if they are too long my car’s CD player forgets where it is when I stop.

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Yep, that’s the beauty of The Amazon system Bruce. I have the books stashed away in the audible library on my phone, it’s just a case of popping the buds into my lugholes. At home I just have to ask Alexa. Even a technophobe like me can handle that. :wink:

I love audio books and have a massive collection, most in files on my computer but quite a lot in DVD form and also some on cassette that I can’t bare to part with.
At the moment I’m into a detective phase and am listening to the Ravencroft books.


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If I had any sense I’d stick them on my phone or listen to them on Spotify or the ABC listen app via the bluetooth in the car but I stick to my MP3s on disc

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This thread reminded me that because of some internet problems recently, I decided to download all of my old Audible audiobooks, some of which I hadn’t even listened to. I had 113 books that I downloaded to a flash drive for offline listening later.

Microsoft banned Audible from offering the Audible app in Windows 11 as of March 2024, so I had to use ITunes which does an authentication with Audible before it plays the audiobooks since the audiobooks are in aax format.

I could have converted the audiobooks to MP3s with a converter but I didn’t feel like going around the DRM even if the fault was with the feud between Microsoft and Amazon.

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Well, how could I resist?


Amazon are having a £2.99 sale and I have absolutely no doubt that this will be worth every penny, that’s Bill Bryson for you!
I don’t know the first thing about 1927 America but I’m very much looking forward to finding out :+1: