Amazon Audible Books

I’m toying with the idea of going for the free trial from Amazon. As much as I enjoy reading it’s rather appealing to actually be read to, better than watching some of the old rubbish on the idiot box these days!
Has anyone used the above, any thoughts?
I’d probably start with one of Sven Hassel’s books although he probably deserves a thread of his own.

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Not down audible but read Sven H back in the 60s a popular author amongst squaddies

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I was never a squaddie Vlad but Sven’s books were popular with my friends during my younger days.
Shrapnel buzzing like angry wasps, Joseph Porta being very particular about his coffee. . don’t blame him :wink:

Brilliant books if somewhat graphic, generally portrayed real combat, strategy and tactics. Always a good read and well liked

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Oh well, I’ve opted for the free trial.
Ten hours and six minutes worth of listening.
I’ll see how it goes.


Ok, let me know how it goes.

If you do get it, check out:


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A couple thoughts. I had audible for several years, maybe 15 years ago or so. At that time, libraries were just starting to get audiobooks. I got two audiobooks a month for several years. I still have access to the books I bought but I don’t go back to listen to them again. It feels like a bit of a waste.

I would think about getting audible again if I wanted very new audios, very particular audios or if I lost access to my public libraries.

At the moment, my libraries have all the audiobooks that I want. If the book is very old, there are a lot of free audiobooks in the public domain too.

You might want to check out your public library before getting an audible membership. For instance, London library has 16.6 thousand audiobooks from Libby/Overdrive.

I’ve been disappointed with the selection at UK libraries so maybe that’s a reason to get audible.

I just checked and my library has the audiobook Azz is recommending. I just placed it on hold for later.

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I was asking about audiobooks on here sometime last year, was told that youtube’s the place to look. But I never got around to it, opting for Netflix instead.

I’m sure there’s a case for using both public libraries and the online options. I have to confess that I’m a bit of a luddite when it comes to things techy, if I’m honest with myself that’s probably partly why I started this topic :slightly_smiling_face:

A big thumbs up for public libraries, I’ve only recently got back into the habit of using them after the pandemic, they really are a valuable resource in the community :+1:

I use Audible for language learning.

I’ve listened to the first two chapters, as you rightly say graphic, very much so! Sven Hassel’s books were tempered with a grim sense of humour.
Anyway, I’m giving the audio book a thumbs up!

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Thanks Chill, I have Prime, I might just give it a whirl.

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I like listening to audio books when I am driving, they certainly pass the time when you are on the road for a few hours

I get them from the local library or download them from the web. Unfortunately (and very annoyingly) the MP3 player in my car forgets where it is if the track is too long so I chop them into 10 minute segments

I wouldn’t buy audible books, and there are probably very few non-fiction audibles, anyway. When I’ve marked a large amount of “notes” in science/psychology books, I actually read those note into a record, then prep’ the file on a computer. From then on, if there’s nothing else I need to hear, I listen to my own voice (on repeat) reading out the notes and those become very well grained in and I enjoy learning that way, from books. Sometimes, I play the MP3 of the read out notes as I’m lying down, getting ready to snooze!

I switched to audio books several years ago. Some are in cassette form lol. But I only keep the ones I love and won’t part with. I get a lot of 2nd hand ones from Ebay and from Charity Shops. I also have found a Site online that I download free from, I have several hundred in files on the PC that I’m ploughing through as I do my online jigsaws in the afternoons.

Prompted by another topic on the forum I felt moved to give this audible book a thumbs up :+1:
I tried reading it when it was first published but really couldn’t engage with the story despite it being a subject close to my heart.
It’s a real pleasure to listen to, seven hours in and about twenty seven more to go!

If you like Norman Mailer try “Armies of the Night”

I think Norman Mailer is a bit of an acquired taste, or to put it another way like breaking in a new pair of shoes
I’m not usually a reader of things political but the backdrop to your recommendation looks interesting so I might just give it a go :+1:

You’re possibly right about him being an acquired taste. I knew him from his first book, which was made into a film (if I remember right) “The Naked and the Dead” a story about WWII.

“An American Dream” is another worth reading. He is a very modern American author, well worth reading

I was taken with the sub title of “Armies of the Night” - History as a Novel / The Novel as History and of course it covers a major event during the turmoil of the Vietnam war.

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