All Creatures Great and Small on Channel 5

Channel 5’s new version of this timeless classic started last week. Excellent characterisations and excellent choice of actors and actresses for the main characters in my opinion. Part 2 is on at 9pm tomorrow evening.

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Also available on My5 catch up…I enjoyed it.

I thought it was really good

I thought the originals were good - didn’t realise they had remade it. Who is in this version?

I just watched it on catch up, wasn’t going to bother but you mentioned it so thought I’d give it a go, It is a very good dramatization.

They use the same theme tune too, but updated. I don’t recognize the actors though.

Sam West (son of Timothy West & Prunella Scales) is playing Siegfried Farnon. There are a few other faces I recognise but can’t put a name to, others I’ve never seen before.

I have just bagged a real bargain - every episode of the original series - plus the three Christmas Specials (that’s 33 discs) for £25 - and it was in aid of the Air Ambulance Service!

How lovely. I think I would rather watch all of those than the new version Silver Tabby.

That was a bargain. Well done for spotting them. Charity shop was it?

Yes, we watched it last week and looking forward to it tonight.

It was excellent, but strayed a little from the earlier versions. For one thing, Mrs Hall seems to be rather more kind to Herriot, covering up for him when required for example. Not that I’m complaining, of course.

Just a bit different, that’s all, but well worth watching!

Dame Diana Rigg as Mrs Pumphrey a real treat with her beloved Tricki Woo.

Gorgeous views of Yorkshire, and the boneshaker cars.

Yes, another excellent episode.
Although they’ll never improve on Robert Hardy as Siegfried.

:023: :023:

I watched the second episode last night and have started to enjoy this programme.

I didn’t know this series was on, until l saw it here.
I downloaded it thinking it would be rubbish… but it isn’t and l absolutely love it! It is also beautifully film in a lovey area and l love seeing the old cars too!!

The actor Callum Woodhouse, who pays Tristram is brilliant and has made me laugh out loud!

I see Nicholas Ralph, who plays James Herriot is a newish actor. I think he is great but reminds me of Prince William in looks.

I agree, he was brilliant.

I see you’ve changed back, Angel!

! What have I missed?

Oh, it was just another conversation about sex change. :shock:

Nigel havers was talking about this in his tribute to Diana Rigg. So he must be in it too.