A warning to dog walkers

Another moneymaking scheme by councils?

How do you work that out? Its about picking up after your dog, so the more people do it out of fear of getting fined, the less money they will make.

Nay, lass, don’t shoot the messenger. :slight_smile:

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I’m all for it people should be carrying poo bags when they go out with their dog .

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They probably would be if they were more trendy, and I reckon people like Gucci are missing a trick here. :thinking:


I’m not shooting you, just handing you a poo bag so you can help out :joy:

I think it’s a great idea, if people don’t have bags with them then they’ve got no intention of picking up :+1:

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I agree with the ruling.
There is nothing worse than stepping in dog poo and taking it to your pedals in your car, or into your house.

The worst was when l was pregnant and had morning sickness. The sight and smell of dog poo on the path made me retch.

There are a few notices on our walks. I think they £100 notices.

Yes that’s all well and good, but what if you’ve used the two bags you had, and now you’re on your way home, your dog having completed its ablutions? I’ve been known to pass a bag to someone else who’s been caught out, when I know the dog’s nearly home/back to the car and won’t be needing any more. What if I’m stopped after that? Bit unfair really.

Get one of those little holders that clip onto the dog lead .
They hold a roll of poo bags .image

I live opposite a stretch of common land know locally as The Green and it also has regular camera equipped dog wardens always on the watch for irresponsible dog owners not using the many red bins provided. Not only are fines issued, the offenders are listed in the local rag and quite right too🤬


I always have a roll of them in my pocket. A few times I have had few owners ask me to give them some.


I live in the country and there are always irresponsible people who allow their dogs to poop in the fields this is a serious danger to livestock or on country lanes .
There are only two dog wardens in the entire county of Wiltshire .


You are right, of course. I guess because we know the old girl we walk for our daughter, we usually go out with no more than 2 or 3 bags, as she can’t walk far, and would never need more than that.

I still think they should do away with the bins ??
And people should dispose of the pooh down the toilet at home !!
That would save all the effort and expense of bins and wages for
shyte collectors !plus the stink around the bins in hot weather ??
Donkeyman! :frowning::frowning:

Yes, understood. As it happens we rarely need the bags for Max out on the walks… Ozzie, our friends wee dog, is the prolific pooing machine. . Everywhere.

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Are you kidding ?
The anti social can barely make it to the bins much less taking it home .

[quote=“Donkeyman, post:16, topic:92318”]
And people should dispose of the pooh down the toilet at home[/quote]
Can you safely flush the black bag down the loo?

Only if you want to block the sewers !

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