A Little Tip For The Cleaner In Your House

To remove burnt on stains on the inside of your oven door, use Cif kitchen cleaner and scrunched up aluminium foil to remove it.

For me it worked like a miracle on my oven door. I used the power and shine spray version of Cif. I’m not sure if l was meant to use the original cream Cif?

Apologies if this thread is in the wrong section but l wanted to tell everyone what a good tip it is.

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Art :slight_smile: I use Jiff/Cif cream on my oven door after removing the glass and laying it on a tea towel.

I haven’t tried tin foil does it leave scratches…

Meg, :slight_smile: Thank You for moving this thread to the correct section.

I have just had to check the inside glass of my oven door and there’s no scratches. I must say, l never thought of that but luckily it’s fine.
I cleaned the glass whilst in situ. I would be too scared to take it out, in case l dropped it!

Maybe, if anyone tries this method, they should do a test area first to see if it scratches.

Use Bar Keepers Friend…far better than Cif…I use that on my bath…but cif is good…

I don’t think there is a product on the market that I haven’t tried,:-p

Art :slight_smile: I have to take the glass out in order to clean inside the cavity on my badly designed cooker door.
I dropped the glass not long ago and it smashed into a million pieces on the tiles and cost £75 to replace :shock:
I now put a dog cushion on the floor under the door when replacing the glass in case it slips through my fingers again.


I have a good cleaner.

She is called Sabina.

I am clean and tidy, but do not have the woman’s touch.

£25 a week and everything done.

We have been together for years now, the Mother of the Pretendies and we help each other out.

It works for me and she irons as well.

She is genuinely lovely, same age as my daughter.

I handle the nasty bits, like her Ex. and the day to day stuff.

It works for us both.

She is determined to find me a new lady, but has been spectacularly unsuccessful so far.:-p


Tin foil works with the right chemicals and dose not leave a mark.

Thanks for the tip Art.

I use Oven Pride on my oven including the door. It works well.:slight_smile:

My oven glass door was so stained, l couldn’t see the food cooking on the shelves!

Today, as it was raining l had the blitz on my kitchen. I have a 2ft square glass splashback over the gas hob and it was a bit marked and greasy.
It was far too big to fit it in my sink and l didn’t want the grease going down the drain, so l decided to put it on the lawn and clean it!
This l did in the wind and rain! I poured a kettle of boiling water on each side and cleaned it with the Cif then l stood it up and poured more boiling water on it.

I took it inside and laid it on top of my freezer and dried it. I was paranoid that l might slip or fall down the back step with it but luckily all went well.

Pauline and Carol, I have never heard of ‘Bar Keepers Friend’ or ‘Oven Pride’.
I only know the usual kitchen cleaners!

That is you Art, as mad as a hatter, but great fun to be with.

Swimmy, There’s a method in my madness!! :lol:

I wonder if newspaper works just as well

Do you want to pop over and clean my oven, Art? I have an outfit for you to wear. :-p

Such a good tip - I haven’t used tin foil though, I’ll give that a go. I usually use Cif, or The Pink Stuff, and a wire scrubber. It works ok but the corners are a nightmare! I also haven’t tried taking the glass out…I didn’t know you could! :shock:

I have a sonic scrubber with different attachments, that I use on my glass oven door, or you can use a toothbrush to get into the corners, oven pride is fantastic for the racks and the inside of the oven, you put the racks in a bag, which they supply ,put the racks inside then pour in most of the mixture, give them a good covering with the mixture, leave overnight, absolutely fantastic product, but, I don’t use it on the glass door as there is rubber around it…trial and error over the years, Bar Keepers Friend, is by far the best for me.

Only some doors can you take out, my oven door is concealed all around it, so unable to remove, therefore you don’t need to clean the inside, mine never gets dirty.

Oh, mine is side opening and the glass is bolted in with screws, so I couldn’t take it out if I wanted to…or could I…:twisted:

Blimey, how domesticated is this thread?! Talking about cleaning oven doors at 7.30 in the morning, haha!

:-D:-D For want of a better word, you’re such a rascal!

I use Bar Keepers Friend too.
Brings my stainless steel saucepans up like new.