A 5km country walk yesterday

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went for a 5 kilometer (3 Miles) walk through the nature reserve that’s just on the edge of town. The reserve itself consist of a wooded gravel ridge, formed when the glaciers melted at the end of the last ice age, meadows, marshy wetland and is bordered on one side by the river.

Photo 1 will give you an idea of our walk: we started at the parking area top right hand corner and followed the red track past the hospital until we hit the yellow trail that leads up and alöng the ridge. Followed the yellow trail to the parking area at the far end of the ridge and on until it joins the blue trail which we then followed until it joins the yellow trail along the riverbank. Turned left along the next red trail then right and back to where we’d parked the car.

Took us just over three hours all told. It was the first time Katarina had walked this trail but she managed really well. I couldn’t use my wheelchair so I walked as usual with cycling gloves and crocs on my hands. Of course we stopped for frequent rests at several of the picninc areas and as usual got a lot of stares from other people, The yellow marked trails are natural, the red are gravel roads and the blue is wooden planking. The trail along the ridge is fairly steep and undulating, but the rest is flat. The brown area marked vass are reed beds and the area marked Dyarna are river meadows.

In the last photo the river follows the row of low bushes beyond the meadows

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More photos

The view towards town is taken from below the birdwatching tower which you can see to the right at the base of the treeline in the photo looking back. At the top of the toboggan slope is one of the picnic areas where we took a break.

Last photos. The gentleman in the boat very obligingly appeared just as I was taking some photos

A great walk on a nice day. Must have done the heart and soul good to be out there. :slight_smile:

Beauitiful scenery, Ullabi.
My kind of walk that would be. :slight_smile:

Lovely scenery Ullabi, it looks very peaceful there…

Inspiring… :smiley:

It look a beautiful place Ulla :slight_smile: I am guessing it wasn’t as hot as it is here, it’s too hot for walking at the moment except after dark .

Beautiful country Ullabi, and the weather looked perfect…:cool:

lovely pictures I’m a stickler for scenery, thanks for sharing

It was quite warm, about 24 Celsius.

No good waiting till after dark here because you’d be going for a walk after midnight.

It is peaceful considering it’s right on the edge of town behind the hospital.

It looks beautiful where you walked yesterday. Love nature, everything natural. Very tranquil on what was a very hot day.

Lovely pictures…its so green a bit like Yorkshire where I live…we are so lucky to live in beautiful places.

That looks like a fabulous walk.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.
It looks a bit where we used to live.