66th Birthday Challenge

Happy New Year! Hope you all are doing well!

So I did a little challenge for the big 66 by trying to climb a local hill that has a slope steepness of 33.5%. Usually things get a little easier the more you practice them but not this! The older I get the harder this gets, and it’s a lung-buster for sure.
Btw, I tried the light all 66 candles on a small piece of cake at the end of the video and before I could blow it out I was afraid I was going to set the house on fire! :hushed:


That was some effort, I could tell it was hard work.

But, you made it look pretty effortless, looking and acting fit…:+1::+1:

Happy 66 years young…:wine_glass:

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I have no problem with the age or the exertion though both are strenuous looking indeed. I do, however have a problem with the balance. My balance is so bad if I tried that, well let’s just say it would be laughable. You make it look easy.:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::+1::+1:

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Outstanding and motivational!

Getting back into running (had a setback) and still surfing, I am likewise finding my heart/lungs are creating more of a challenge, but that can be offset by building and maintaining strength, particularly legs.

Keep it up and happy belated birthday!

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Happy New Year, it’s good to see you again Terry, still trying to beat the impossible for most of us! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Another year gone and you still have the same enthusiasm, long may it last.:clap:

That did look a strain on the knees going up that slope but your determination got you to the top!

Happy Belated Birthday Terry ……… I’m surprised you were able to blow all your candles out after that effort. :wink:

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Happy Birthday.
Lighting of the cake, gave me a laugh.

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Happy birthday, Unigeezer! Keep climbing!

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