1st Manned SpaceX flight

On Wednesday, May 27th, at 1:33 pm Pacific time, (9:33 pm GMT)
SpaceX, a private corporation, will launch its 1st manned space flight to rendezvous with the international space station.

This flight will carry only 2 men. However, future flights will carry up to 7 men and women.

This flight will also put into orbit another 60 satellites. Previous unmanned flights have already placed 422 satellites into orbit.

The launch will take place from cape Kennedy , Florida, home of NASA.

Weather permitting, the above time presumes that there will not be any delays for last minute check-outs.

If you are interested in personally going into obit, and provided you happen to have 59 million USD in spare change, SpaceX will book a seat for you :smiley:

2nd photo shows previous UN-MANNED test flight

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The SpaceX flight is breaking new ground in so many respects, not least in the style of spacesuit:

which replaces:

Of course, the new suit has been rigorously tested previously:


LOL Bakerman - I wouldn’t go if they paid me that amount!

Hope it all goes to plan…I’m with you on this one Tabby no way would I go either.

Interesting to note that Richard Branson had a failed attempt earlier this month. This is the same bloke who approached our government cap-in-hand to bail out his ailing airline…

Wishing them well with the launch and I hope all goes well for them… :023:

The count-down continues. Only 41 minutes until launch.
Watching it LIVE on “NASA live”. Boy, oh boy. sure is exciting.

Weather front moved in and the launch was aborted with only 16 minutes before launch.
Next available window is Saturday , May 30th at 3:33 pm (ET)

So disappointed. Kind of like getting ready for the first big date, with butterflies in my stomach, and just as I am about to go to pick her up , she calls and says, “Sorry but I have to cancel”.

That’s a shame Bakerman, so close to the launch too :frowning:

Hope all goes well for the Saturday launch now…

Better safe than sorry …

Yes, I was listening on the radio and then it was cancelled. Disappointing, but
understandable. Glad to see American astronauts using American rockets again.

I believe Branny is still fishing for some taxpayers money OGF?
He will never give up?


He must think we were born yesterday Donkeyman…I hope Boris doesn’t give in though…:009:

The Final countdown??

Today could be the FINAL, final count down for spacex?
I hope they make it!
Its a bit like brexit int it?


Yes, Boris must FHO, IMO!! OGF!
Did you notice my use of the new fashion acronymsOGF! LOL!!


10:15pm tonight from the west if the launch goes ahead (bad weather is expected over Florida).

4 hours until liftoff. Weather permitting. Just took a quick look on “NASA live”. So far, so good.


Looking good for launch.

Watching on sky, blast off at 20.22 UK time.

Some of you may find this website of interest, I have only just been able to post it on here.
It’s presently showing progress of the launch: