16 GB memory card capacity?

When I first bought my digital Camera I found out that the capacity was 10,400 pictures.
So far I have taken 3229 photos but most of those have been moved off the card or deleted.
So at this time there may be 100 Photos on the card?

Sure big cards hold a lot but for what purpose? Like you I transfer the photos to my computer at least once a week and daily if on holiday so there are rarely more than a couple of hundred pictures on the card at a time. These big cards are rarely used to capacity.

The only exception is my Dashcam which fills the card then deletes the oldest video to store the latest. I discovered my cam was not recording and it turned out that it had worn out a good quality class 10 chip with its constant recording and erasing. That has not happened with my still camera but I have changed all the SD cards just in case.


Little bit about memory cards
How many photos can go onto a memory card depends on the file size the camera has so there is no set number a card can take. the larger he file size the less photos . Also another big mistake many make is just look at thje GB size of the card, forgetting to even look at the MB/s speed. The fastest should be on the camera handbook. So what does this mean?
Well if a card is too fast the camera has to “buffer” (waiting until there is more room to accept more photos) a good average speed would be around 90MB/s but my camcorder can take up to 200MB/s (mega bytes per second).

For making a video other factors come into play ,such as the graphics card being able to handle videos. I found this out and upgraded the one in my previous computer and now in the computer I a use now. Same thing will happen, a bit of the video will play then buffer (wait) until there is enough room to play the next bit.

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As to what remains on a card if deleted? everything the data is still there (check exif data on an existing photo) there you will find how miuch information there is. Even formatting a card will not wipe everything off, the only thing that will is when the card is overwritten.

Sometime one might just come across a policeman or someone in authority asking the photos to be removed. No problem, show they have been removed/deleted as they can be recovered later on using a recovery program. :roll_eyes:
unfortuately I can’t show what an exif data looks like due to only being a level zero member

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oops error
if the camera is too fast the card has to catch up

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There are plenty of programs that remove existing data. I keep the free open source program Eraser on my computer just for that purpose though, frankly, there is nothing in my photos that need erasing permanently.

I do use it to erase files that contain ID and banking information. It can also be used to completely erase any information within the free space on any hard disk.


I think you mean “If the card is too slow” - personally I just buy Class 10 SD and mini SD cards these days they cost very little more than Class 2. Class 10 is good for anything up to and including 4K. The more data stored on a card also slows it down as the camera has to find the “end” before it can store anything.

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Exploring SD memory cards is so exciting isn’t it . From finding a serial number showing it is genuine on one edge to reading the information on the face. I could spend many happy hours doing just that.:joy::rofl:

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Not convinced it is exciting but it can be frustrating.

My dashcam stopped working before Christmas, it turned out it was the Mini SD card that had given up the ghost because of the constant repetition of writing and erasing. It was still readable but had slowed down to the point where the camera could not write to it while erasing older files.

Until then I had been happy with 32Gb cards but replaced it with a 128Gb one,it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

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strange you should say that. Tthe the built in car sat nav started playing up. Fixed it by putting in a new latest edition SD card.This happened only the other day

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Slight change of subject

There seems to be a built in reluctance with photographers to the use of camcorders and I just don’t understand why? Mybe someone on here can explain.

I remember them back in the old days. They don’t make them any more.

don’t make them any more??? I don’t understand what is this then

doesn’t look like a machine gun to me

I often have to wonder what one thinks photography is? it covers more that just a camera.

Just to help dood out always trying to be help those who don’t know.
on the left is a camcorder and on the right a camera. so at least he can spot the difference

Actually camcorders are now becoming more popular

dood if you need any more help, which obvoiusly you do, then let me assist you

It’s the ordinary smaller consumer camcorders they are phasing out. Interchangeable lens dslr-type cameras make more sense for pro and amateur use. And smartphones produce good enough video quality for Mr average.

I was going to say the same thing. Why carry about a bulky video camera as well as a still camera when the still camera does everything the video camera can do (and more)? It makes no sense unless you are a professional film maker with a many thousand dollar video camera and even they tend to rent the camera and lenses.

As far as I can see the most popular channels on YouTube use a camera like a Canon EOS, a gimbol, a quality mic and, often, just a ring light. None of them use a camcorder. Some just use a phone, a go pro or these days a 360° camera - look at some of the Youtube tutorials telling you how.

Out and about you never see someone using a camcorder these days, I haven’t seen one in use for years (even on my two cruises). As I say, for the average person they make absolutely no sense.


All these negative vibes. Thank goodness some keep camcorders and use them.

Very few positive things to say in favour of a camcorder I am afraid @realspeed, hence their inevitable demise. Your camera(s) takes excellent photos and 4K videos, your camcorder takes 4K videos and crap photos, why would you want to lug both around with you?

As I said it makes no sense.

Bruce I
i can’t do this with a camera without changing lens, or hand holding without camera shake it is all a question of zoom range

so here is your answer.

I would challange anyone with a FF or mirrorless camera to be able to do the same and post an unedited version as I have done
I am covering both basis camera for stills (pana G9) and camcorder (pana HC-X1500) for video.It is no difference weight wise to carrying a FF camera and a couple of lenses which are far heavier- bulkier which I used to do.

of course everyone has their own ideas granted, but for me this at the moment is my ideal photographic gear.
Any photographer of any worth always has a backup camera of sort sort and mine will be the panasonic DC- TZ95 I usually take out with me in my pocket

of course I can only talk about a semi pro (pro) camcorder and realise the features it offers over consumer camcorders. even so one can get decent stills if one has the knowledge from a camcorder as below and more frames to chose from

11000131 by bazza, on Flickr

I remember that cruise I took a picture of you